Bushra Ansari Shuts Down Trollers

'Should we die if we have become a grandmother?' questions the veteran actress.
Published 15 Jun, 2019 02:29pm

If we ever sit and talk about the legendary actors of Pakistan than the first few names which pop up in ones mind always have the name of Bushra Ansari who along with being a superb actress is also a presenter, singer, and a writer. With a stellar performance in every project, she has been a part of we personally love the star for her full of life and vibrant personality which even today she possesses despite having become a grandmother too!

But as they say, age is nothing but a mere number and your age is actually defined by how old you think you are so recently at a show when Bushra very confidently shut down trollers who said she was trying to act young we couldn't help but be impressed by the veteran star who said,

'People regarding me in a taunting way say that look at her despite being a grandmother now she tries to act young well what can I say to that like it is not my fault that I got married at a young age and now my children are all grown up'.

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Adding further she said,

'Should we die if we have become a grandmother? People want those who have crossed the age of 40 should just stop living, why shouldn't we enjoy ourselves? If we sit in a show and entertain people or dance then let me assure you that action of ours has not caused any corruption in the country'.

With us agreeing with all that Bushra Ansari said we too feel that people should respect one another and let each individual life and enjoy their life whichever way they want to.