HIP Reviews 'Yaariyan' Episode 10: Muneeb Butt is Noteworthy as Umair

With every passing episode, Yaariyan has been becoming a lot more generic and a lot less exciting...
Published 15 Jun, 2019 05:03pm

With every passing episode, Yaariyan has been becoming a lot more generic and a lot less exciting. The episodes have been slow, with no major developments in anyone’s lives. The episodes have been slow-paced, and seem a little boring now since the drama had initially started with a fast pace with all the major developments in the first few episodes.

Wedding bells are ringing for almost everyone in this episode. Thanks to Sadia’s nitpicking and intrusions, Sumbul and Sahir are going to get married. At the same time, Ahmer has convinced Zubi to marry him, and it looks like the dynamics between the sisters are going to turn even messier. Ahmer and Zubi seem to be coming from the same mindset, both of them want to get married to get back at Sadia, and we can’t think of anything more petty or childish.

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As Umair tries to rekindle his romance with Zubi, she is having none of it anymore. After finding out about Sadia’s pregnancy, she finally seems to be regaining her senses and doing what she does best- plotting. Muneeb Butt as Umair is definitely noteworthy- it is still hard to find an opinion about his character. An immature, happy-go-lucky guy who only gives off seriously evil vibes when he is with Sadia and has definitely done some messed up stuff to her. Though, at the same time, he has also been betrayed by Zubi.

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With the wedding bells ringing, we are hoping for some exciting new developments in the story. What would happen when Sadia finds out about Ahmer and Zubi’s marriage? More importantly, what exactly are Ahmer and Zubi planning to achieve with this twisted plan?