HIP Reviews Sharukh Ki Saaliyan Episode 3: Ramsha And Ahsan Share an Overwhelming On-Screen Chemistry!

The much-awaited rom-com featuring a new on-screen couple of handsome Ahsan Khan and the diva Ramsha Khan...
Published 17 Jun, 2019 03:04pm

The much-awaited rom-com featuring a new on-screen couple of handsome Ahsan Khan and the diva Ramsha Khan, who has only played the bechari roles till date, is now rocking in an entirely different attire in a project of 7th Sky Entertainment under Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, that aired on Geo Entertainment, bringing the light-hearted comedy for its audience.

Having Ahsan Khan as Sharukh alongside Ramsha Khan portraying Anushay, Javed Sheikh, Hina Bayat, Rehan Sheikh, Raza Zaidi, Nimra Shahid, Arooba Mirza, and others the cast comprises of a combination of veteran performers and young guns.

The third episode that aired this Sunday was laden with humour together with thrilling twists. Sharukh’s lie costing him in different circumstances in front of different people, resulting in comical situations for the audience.

Anushay neglecting Shahrukh's presence in the office was the adorable plus amusing scene, portraying the awe-inspiring chemistry of the lead, while the one featuring Shahrukh and the psychiatrist bulged with comicality illustrating the brilliance in writing of Dr Younis Butt.

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Talking about the acting performance Ramsha Khan is nailing this different character with her skilled acting while Ahsan Khan is phenomenal, his expressions along with dialogue delivery are commendable throughout the episode, plus the Khan couple is the new hit duo of the town having overwhelming chemistry.

Having a peppy dance number as their OST, captivating trailers, dazzling dialogues, appreciable direction and top-notch performance three episodes down Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan has got our attention with its witty one-liners, to see how the serial progress, tune into Geo Entertainment every Sunday and Monday at 8 pm.