Kinza Hashmi Gets Nominated for Two Different Categories for the Same Role

Kinza’s remarkable acting skills have led her to be selected as a nominee for not only one but two award categories...
Published 22 Jun, 2019 02:12pm

The immensely talented and young 21-year-old, Kinza Hashmi, successfully fulfilled her long-awaited dream of being part of the entertainment industry at the blossoming age of 17 after which she carried on her career as an astonishing model and actress.

The phenomenal actress starred as the loving and considerate sister in ‘Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai’ and truly caught our eye by her incredibly exceptional performance as the feisty Rushna in the much-viewed drama serial, ‘Ishq Tamasha.' Kinza’s remarkable acting skills in the show have led her to be selected as a nominee for not only one but two award categories in the upcoming 7th HUM Awards: Best Actor in a Negative Role and Best Actor in a Supporting Role-Female.

The excited actress took to her Instagram to express her feelings, she said "Really obliged and humbled to be nominated twice for the same character 'RUSHNA' amazing show 'ISHQ TAMASHA'"

It is absolutely sensational, the amount of precision with which Kinza carried out any and every expression associated with her part. In addition, the versatility of the talented actress is clearly demonstrated in the way she switched from a caring and positive role in 'Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai' to a negative and feisty one in 'Ishq Tamasha,' truly owning the character of Rushna and pulling it off in ways that are brilliantly exceptional.

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