The LSA 2019 - Biased Awards - Even Biased People!

The Lux Style Awards started off with a series of controversies when they announced the nominations first in the...
Published 09 Jul, 2019 05:05pm

The Lux Style Awards started off with a series of controversies when they announced the nominations first in the starting of April, which includes the actors and celebrities from the fraternity and it was a shocker when the audience saw the name of Ali Zafar who was allegedly accused of harassing Meesha Shafi, fans and people have different reactions - mixed reactions and why not? The issue was itself enough to make people flabbergasted!

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When reaction stirred up, we witnessed Eman Suleman, followed by Jami, Faris Shafi, Meesha Shafi, Saima Bargfrede and other brands including Generation stepping down from their nominations from LSA. Which was a laudable move for the support of the victim!

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We prominently saw Hareem Farooq, along with many other celebrities spoke to this matter blatantly for the support of the victim and stepping down from the Lux Style Awards 2019 and stood by it!, but except for Hareem Farooq, we saw a few people first claiming to support the victim on social media then, performing and showing their presence at the LSAs, biased much?

And fans showed their massive support for Hareem Farooq,

Mahira Khan was on the supportive side for the victim,

BUT, she was all sparkling at the event though...

We earlier also saw Sonya Hussain talking about not Meesha, but every woman around!

But, but...


In this lot, we also have Momina Mustehsan who shared her own experience with this on Twitter,

I got shocked when I saw her at LSA, dancing and performing ON THE STAGE!

Actors and celebrities have moral, ethical and cultural representation and responsibility, whatever the platform is, obliqueness should always be the last thing for an artist to do and adapt. Awards can be morally uplifting and an honour but its not something to be dependent on. And there shouldn't be contradictions in what you say on social media and what you do in real!