HIP Exclusive: "Filmmaking is in my Genes" -- 'Ready Steady No' Actor Faisal Saif
HIP Exclusive: "Filmmaking is in my Genes" -- 'Ready Steady No' Actor Faisal Saif

HIP Exclusive: "Filmmaking is in my Genes" -- 'Ready Steady No' Actor Faisal Saif

HIP speaks with the male lead of the upcoming romantic comedy 'Ready Steady No'....
Published Jul 13, 2019 05:05pm

Taking a look at the trailer of upcoming romantic comedy Ready Steady No, one cannot deny that the film has a lot of new energy and a certain fresh appeal. Especially noteworthy in the film’s many clips is the presence of its new male lead, the suave-looking Faisal Saif who will be seen essaying the male lead opposite Amna Ilyas in the film. HIP spoke with the talented upcoming actor to learn more about the project and his experiences working on a film which is helmed by a bunch of young and promising filmmakers…

Coming from a family of filmmakers, it seems film was the natural destination for Faisal. “My grandfather was the famous poet, writer, producer, and filmmaker Saif-Ud-Din Saif. He wrote some of the biggest blockbusters this country has made, including films such as Saat Laakh and Kartar Singh. He is one of the people whose name will go down in the history of this country,” he says, adding “I myself have a background in theater, having worked with some European troupes and taken some acting classes in the United States as well, to learn the craft of acting. You can say that filmmaking runs in my genes”

So how did he end up doing Ready Steady No? “When I came back, I met (director) Hishaam (bin Munawwar), who also happens to be a friend, and he asked if I wanted to act -- and I immediately said yes!” The film stars a number of senior actors such as Salman Shahid, Nayyer Ejaz, and Ismail Tara, and even his co-star Amna Ilyas has some major films to her credit. How was his experience of performing opposite these seasoned performers? “It turned out to be a tremendous experience. Working with Amna Ilyas was really easy, as she is very supportive and has absolutely no hang-ups or that diva attitude. You mentioned Ismail Tara, Salman Shahid, Nayyer Ejaz…all of these actors are indeed hugely experienced and when they came on the sets they were a huge help and extremely humble. They have a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to the field of acting so it was overall an amazing experience.”

We asked Faisal to tell us about his character in the rom-com. “Ready Steady No is a coming of age story, and my character comes from a household where his mother is running the show – she effectively wears the pants in the house. So this guy effectively rebels against all of that and he falls in love with this girl and decides to marry her. In our culture, parents usually like kids to marry off their choice, whereas my character goes against the grain and decides to do his own thing. After his decision to marry the girl, he has to naturally run away from the house.”

Apparently, shooting the film did not go without its fair share of gaffes and hilarious incidents. When queried to tell is something about them, Faisal revealed “There were quite a few memorable incidents from the film, including this hilarious one I particularly remember. We were shooting a chase scene, a somewhat long one in which all of us have to run around each other….So once the director gave his cues, I started to run along with the others. I ended up being so immersed in my performance that I ended up just running and running. Eventually, the cameraman on a motorbike got me out of my trance when he said that ‘You have left all the others behind!’”

Faisal hopes to bag more acting projects in the future and is currently in talks with a few productions. Getting a start with a promising project like Ready Steady No! we are hopeful he will have a long and promising career ahead of him. We wish Faisal and the Ready Steady No team all the best for their future endeavors!