HIP Reviews Kun Faya Kun Episode 3: Qaisra Hayat Pens Another Heart Warming Script

Imran Abbas, Alizey Shah & Azra Mansoor are the stars of the drama as the trio each week leave us in awe of their talent
Updated 20 Jul, 2019 04:33pm

Having seen the teasers of the Imran Abbas and Alizey Shah starrer Kun Faya Kun we had been looking forward to watching the drama and were finally able to catch up with it this week. A powerful story with equally strong performances by all we are a bit sad that we didn't review the play a bit earlier as by so far what we have seen it is a story not to be missed at any cost.

Written by Qaisera Hayat, who also gave us Alif Allah Aur Insaan, she is back again with a bang as her stories are very close to home with realistic dialogues and situations which makes an audience connect with the story immediately. Directed by Ilyas Kashmiri, he is in a league of his own as each frame is nothing short of artistic and captures the essence of our plays which really is the reason why they have so loved the world over.

With three episodes have aired so far even this week we were not left disappointed at all as the story is based on spirituality but at the same time it is quite up to date too as we saw Aapa Ji played wonderfully by Azra Mansoor talk about how facebook had literally ruined the lives of so many as people were more in awe of other peoples lives instead being content in their own without realizing the fact that the other person is just putting on a facade to impress others as we saw Mashal's (Alizey Shah) cousin post a picture of the food cooked by Mishal but posted by her own name!

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So loving this particular scene the most , in case you are not following the play then let us tell you that Mashal lives with Aapa Ji as she has no one and Aapa Ji has two sons whose wives are a nightmare and they don't like her as their husbands give monthly income which she last week very dignifiedly refused to take anymore despite being in a financial crisis .

Amongst all is Aapa Ji's grandson called Hashir played by Imran Abbas who is a sensible young man and loves his grandmother to bits. Ashamed of the way his mother has been behaving he looks after Aapa Ji and Mashal with a lot of love. Now at the moment Hashir thinks of Mashal as a young sister and is in fact in love with his other cousin Bisma played by Zarnish Khan but so far their love is kept hidden as both their mothers have a love and hate relationship.

With Mashal a sweetheart, the scenes between her and Aapa Ji are simply the best as they display honesty and dialogues worth listening to as they teach us so much about life. With the entry of Armaan who happens to be Bisma's brother and interested in Mashal lets see how the story will unfold in the coming weeks.

Imran Abbas, Alizah Shah, and Azra Mansoor are dynamic actors and so engrossed in their characters that you can't help but be in awe of their talent with each episode. An intriguing story which has us hooked we look forward to watching Kun Faya Kun again next Thursday night at 8 pm only on Hum TV.