Farhad Humayun's Song 'Jeet' Played In Washington DC

According to a presser, atleast 30,000 people were present..
Updated 23 Jul, 2019 04:41pm

During these weird times, where each time you refresh your social media, One man or the other gets exposed. Whether these things are true or not, there's always something nice to get your mind off to.

It is refreshing to hear that the musician Farhad Humayun, who makes music at Overload, who is also recovering after being diagnosed with a brain tumour has seen some good days after his recovery.

The Overload song 'Jeet' was played at Prime Minister Imran Khan's rally at Capital One Arena during his trip to Washington, D.C. According to a presser, atleast 30,000 people were present.

Speaking about his song being played at the rally, Farhad said in a press statement ' “My music has always been autobiographical and that’s why I’m thrilled by the idea that thousands of people of all nationalities and backgrounds would seek inspiration in my song ‘Jeet’ which is very close to my heart. It is a song of celebration of one’s own journey and self- discovery and never giving up against all odds. It is not political in any way, it is personal but I’m glad it resonated with so many people.”

Well, this surely is an achievement for the musician. The song does resonate with alot of us, and we hope to see more of such touching music from our artists!