Zara Abid Opens Up About her Latest Dark Skin Shoot!
Zara Abid Opens Up About her Latest Dark Skin Shoot!

Zara Abid Opens Up About her Latest Dark Skin Shoot!

Cultural appropriation at its finest, how do they miss something like this...?
Published 27 Jul, 2019 01:59pm

Zara Abid, A talented model of our times who has been nominated for the best model this year. She has worked with the biggest fashion names in the fashion industry and she has also been in the game for a while.

A recent shoot she did with Nabila's Salon, styled by Tabish Khoji has raised some major concerns, and honestly we're surprised how they published the shoot. In the shoot, it appears that they have made her skin tone to look darker than her skin tone. I mean, Its 2019, how did we miss this?

Now the problem isn't the skin color, its the fact that they didn't use the model of the desired skin color, Instead, they made Zara Abid into a darker color. The problem is that she is made to look darker. And what is up with the painting of the colour? That just adds more fuel to the fire! it's like they are asking for it...

I have so many questions to ask after this shoot but the main one being 'Why paint a fairer model into a dark skin tone when you could just hire one?' We agree that Zara has a beautiful tan and she does just great in modeling but where is the actual black model that they didn't use?

The caption of the shoot reads 'Dusky skin steals heart' , I mean, I love the ring to that and I'm all for it, but darkening a fair skinned model only dismisses the purpose of the shoot, the message they are trying to deliver, they didn't dismiss the superiority of fairer skin but they only made it problematic after doing what they did.

This is a prime example of cultural appropritation, given the darkening of the models skin color. We As Pakistani's, as people of color still don't get how racism works, and how dark skinned talent is still underutilised even in projects that claims to celebrate their skin tone.

So how about next time, we stick to what we know best and not even touch on issues like this? what was meant to be a shoot for challenging stereotypes is now just an embarassment that should just be thrown out of the window.

Tell us what you think about this major point that they missed?