Shaniera Akram calls Shahveer Jafry's Video Irresponsible And We Second Her

A post by the influencer did not sit well with Shaniera and so she called him out...
Updated 30 Jul, 2019 07:38pm

Wife of Pakistani cricket legend Wasim Akram and also our beloved "Bhabi" Shaniera Akram just called out vlogger Shahveer Jafry for doing a dangerous road stunt on a Pakistani road.

There are a lot of Pakistani YouTubers and influencers who have been living abroad for their whole lives and visit Pakistan a few times a year, and one of these YouTubers happens to be Shahveer Jafry who has a massive audience including a large chunk of that audience from Pakistan.

Meanwhile the YouTuber is spending his vacation in Pakistan these days, Jafry had uploaded a video where he leaned out his face from the side window of his car and dances to a song and while sharing this video he captioned it “Only in Pakistan”.

This however did not sit well with Shaniera who took to Instagram to share his video and expressed her resentment over the dangerous stunt. She said "“Only in Pakistan” is he serious???- All the people dying on our roads and this “influencer” does this!! Not cool man, not cool!”

Upset Shaniera further said, “Come and visit the trauma wards with me in our over congested hospitals and then tell me if this was worth it! How dare you treat Pakistan this way, You think just because you’re in Pakistan you can do whatever you like? This is not cool, this is not post worthy, nor is this influencing in anyway, This is just selfish and really really stupid!”

While addressing to the people who thought she was being a bit too harsh, she wrote, “I’m sorry if people think I’m being harsh, but the reality is that I am being harsh to be kind.”

Shaniera added that our doctors, nurses and hospital staff around the county devote their lives to saving people from road accidents every day, road accidents that could have been avoided. People work their whole lives to get donations for hospitals so that sick people can get the treatment they need instead they are in waiting lines because someone thinks it’s a great idea to hang out of windows, not wearing helmets, speeding, having their children in the front seat with no belt and so on.

“When it comes to life and death, I choose to be harsh in order to protect people from people that should be smart enough to think about the repercussions of what they post and the influence they actually have on people. I’ve had enough, if you have a death wish then so be it but I will not stand by and let people take other people down with them. Life is just too precious,” she further said.

She also said that he may have survived but kids that follow him might think that what this idiot is doing is ok and may not be so lucky.

Shaniera also asked the YouTuber to take down his post and act maturely.

Jafry has deleted his post from his Instagram account following Shaniera’s comment.

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