Ramz-e-Ishq Episode 4 In Review : Gohar Rasheed Stands Out As Umar

With a new twist in the tale we cant wait to see how will it all really go for Roshni as well as Umar !
Published 06 Aug, 2019 01:22pm

Despite having just begun Ramz - e- Ishq makes you want to follow the drama every single week because it is a emotional saga but at the same time it is also a beautifully told story about family feuds and how they effect the future generation where cousins are not able to declare their love for one another and become mere pawns in the hands of the elder .

Now as we have said before the story is nothing out of the extra ordinary but the way it has been written by Misbah Nosheen and directed by Siraj ul Haq it gives it a whole new feeling which makes watching it a must .

Realistic dialogues is also another attraction of the drama which has a stellar cast on board , so what happened in the latest episode of Ramz-e-Ishq last night ? Well read along to find out .

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Roshni ( Hiba Bukhari) is now at her Dada Jans ( Abid Ali) house along with her mother played by Zainab Qayyoum and from here she will get married but nowhere is Rayan ( Mikaal Zulfiqar) in sight and that kind of bothered us last night as so much is happening and he has no clue as he is still trying to mend a broken heart .

But where we thought that Dada Jan was actually trying to mend ways with his dead son Wajahats family right there we got a feeling that he on purpose cancelled Rosnhis wedding at the end moment to take revenge as remember Wajahat had married without his permission and bought his wife to the venue where he was to marry someone else !

A heart broken Roshnis mother as she doesn't know what hit her , the young girl on the other hand is beginning to suspect that something is wrong but doesn't say . Now the twist in the tale comes when Roshnis phoopo ( Nida Mumtaz) suggests that Roshni gets married to Umar ( Gohar Rasheed) who is their servant so the break up of her marriage is not leaked .

Quite a absurd idea so far we see Dada Jan not agreeing but in the coming episodes we fear that this just might take place and we hope that Rayan comes back just in time to save Roshni from all this! .

Talking about the acting bit well we personally love Gohar Rasheed in it along with Mikaal Zulfiqar and Hiba Bukhari but despite Gohar having very few scenes last night his passion for his role made him stand out the most as despite Umar being a servant he knows his masters are a knieveing bunch and has a soft corner for Roshni as she is naïve .

So what will happen with the innocent Roshni is what we cant wait to see in Ramz-e-Ishq produced by 7th Sky Entertainment next Monday at 8 pm only on Geo TV .