Urwa And Mawra Think Depression is Caused By Food And We're Confused
Urwa And Mawra Think Depression is Caused By Food And We're Confused

Urwa And Mawra Think Depression is Caused By Food And We're Confused

The sisters were talking about Mental health and it all went downhill from there...
Updated Aug 07, 2019 02:13pm

Just another day, Another false information passed on by a celebrity. At this point, I question myself to be witnessing things like this...

So just yesterday, Urwa and Mawra were invited on Nida Yasir's show Good Morning Pakistan to promote their clothing line.

Things were running smooth until the host talked about their diet and what they eat. It would have been fine till then but then they decided to talk about mental health and depression, and it all goes downhill from there.The clip that has now gone viral. It has been making rounds all over social media. In that clip, the sisters share how one’s mental health is affected by ‘what food you’re putting inside your system’.

“Aaj kal kitne maslay hain, ke yar depression hogaya, mental ‘disease’ hogai, it’s all because of food! Aur koi reason hi nahi hai. (We hear so many people say that they are suffering from depression, they have mental ‘disease’, it’s all because of food. There’s no other reason),” Says Urwa.

I mean... Im appalled at the statement. We could argue maybe the phrasing wasn't right, but is it fair to be discussing something that they haven't been through and have no knowledge about? How do you belittle mental health? The problem with the statement is the insensitivity of it, it takes away from the people actually going through depression NOT because of their food quality BUT for reasons unknown.

This obviously didn't settle well for alot of people and they called the sisters out for it. Many called the statement 'uneducated' others just cracked jokes about the absurd statement.

Mawra and Urwa's problematic comments definitely caused problems. They should gain knowledge about sensitive issues like mental health and maybe then speak over it, for they hold a great social responsibility and this is not what they should be preaching to millions of people watching. This is an example of the sad reality what we've made a taboo in Pakistan. Ludicrous statements such as these are the reason many sufferers of depression (and respective mental health illnesses) might feel they cannot speak up in an overtly judgemental, impetuous environment. We condemn this statement.

Tell us your thoughts on the statement?