Darr Khuda Se Episode 8 In Review : Imran Abbas Plays Sleazy Shahwaiz With Perfection

With Afreen back to work , Shahwaiz is thrilled and from here we feel the real story will begin.
Published 08 Aug, 2019 02:49pm

When we had seen the promo of Darr Khuda Se produced by 7th Sky Entertainment , we thought that from the first episode the story about work sexual harassment would begin but after so many episodes the tempo towards it is being built slowly and that has kept us glued to the small screen . With Afreen played by Sana Javed back to work in the same office as sleazy Shahwaiz played brilliantly by Imran Abbas the drama is not to be missed at any cost .

Written by Sarwat Nazeer with direction by Anjum Shahzad, the duo is complimenting each others style of work and that is good to see as each week the story is developing at a steady pace and besides the main theme it also revolves around family politics and how sons once married tend to run away from caring for their parents .

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So how was this weeks episode of Darr Khuda Se ? Well we liked it as it continues to show how sweet Afreen is who despite financial issues at home is always considerate of others including her parents and never misbehaves but that sadly is not transferred in to Tamkeen ( Kiran Haq) or even Azhar ( Ali Ansari) .

Having returned back to work Shahwaiz is thrilled to see her but tries to keep his emotions in control , in the mean while Tamkeen hates Azhars wife and that she lets her know every second of the day . But will they all be able to live together for long is what remains to be seen .

Talking about the acting bit well all are doing a splendid job but Imran Abbas is a delight to view as he has shed his romantic hero image to play such a grey character which we are happy to see .

So overall a good episode lets wait till next Tuesday night to view what life has in store for Afreen who honestly is the sweetest character in the entire play.