Celebrities Celebrating 14th August Will Make You Feel Patriotic

The celebs are celebrating the independance day with their patriotism fever on high! This is what keeps us going...
Published 14 Aug, 2019 05:23pm

We’d like to wish you all a very splendid 72nd Independence Day, and with the entire country in zest and enthusiasm, just like every year, celebrations and festivities is in full swing.

Hues of green, streams of jhandis, firecrackers, flags and rallies blasting the patriotic songs are just a few of the day’s highlights.

We are also seeing that our beloved celebrities celebrating the Independence Day 2019 with the same fever and enthusiasm as everyone else. They could be seen attired in the traditional dresses, roaming the cities in high spirits.

Here’s the list of our beloved celebs who are wishing Independence Day to their fans with high spirit.

Sumbal Iqbal :

Shahzad Noor :

Behroz Sabzwari with his cute granddaughter Nooreh :

Noor Khan :

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Reema Khan :

Super adorable family of Bilal Qureshi :

But this doesn’t end here, WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin is also wishing a very happy Independence Day to his Pakistani fans and believe that video will leave you awestruck.

Aren’t they all looking gorgeous, How are you celebrating Independence Day? Let us know…