'Im Going to be Less Apologetic' Says Mahira Khan on BBC Asian Network

The actress talks about being more comfortable in her skin, she has become less apologetic over the years...
Published 18 Aug, 2019 01:45pm

Mahira Hafeez Khan is a Pakistani actress. Khan is best known for portraying the role of Khirad Ehsan in Momina Duraid's Humsafar for which she received numerous accolades including Lux Style Awards for Best Television Actress.

Recently, Mahira Khan sat down with Haroon Rashid on BBC Asian Network. In the interview, when asked that we see a far more unapologetic Mahira Khan than ever before so what has changed, she replied “Oh, I am older. I am older. I am more comfortable in my skin.”

On whether it’s because there’s nothing left to lose, the 34-year-old actress said she doesn’t agree with that and shared “Now I have become a little bit more like ‘Okay, this me, this is how I want to be’. I am going to be less apologetic because there was a time when I was constantly like ‘sorry about the way I look, sorry about the way I am’…”

The actress also revisited some of her most iconic roles and one such role was played by her in Bollywood movie, Raees starring Shah Rukh Khan.

Khan admitted that she didn’t appreciate the film to it’s fullest when it was released which ideally she should have. “I don’t think this has been appreciated enough by me, forget anybody else. I mean can you imagine? This happened,” she said referring to her Bollywood debut.

The starlet said that during the filming process, she maintained her silence because she thought that “When it will release, I knew that me and Shah Rukh would have had so much fun promoting it and talking about what happened” but unfortunately she never got the chance to do that.

The female lead couldn’t promote Raees in India due to the ban on Pakistani actors across the border but took part in an event via video call. The action crime film was released on January 25, 2017.