HIP Reviews: 'Inkaar' Last Episode: Do They Really Understand Consent?
HIP Reviews: 'Inkaar' Last Episode: Do They Really Understand Consent?

HIP Reviews: 'Inkaar' Last Episode: Do They Really Understand Consent?

These dramas make us believe that its okay to be disrespectful if you get rejected...

Updated 20 Aug, 2019 02:38pm

Dramas and films continuously romantisize abuse and harrasment. They perpetually make us believe this kind of behavior is okay and if a guy is physically or verbally abusive, he must be in love. It is toxic masculinity that a man thinks he can raise a hand and not hear a word back from his wife. These dramas and movies also make us believe that its okay to be disrespectful if you get rejected, if you don't get it your way. Certain storylines have taught girls to view nearly every negative behavior of a boy in a romantic light.

HUM TV's latest play Inkaar features Yumna Zaidi, Sami Khan and Imran Ashraf in key roles.Written by Zafar Mairaj, directed by Kashif Nisar and produced by MD Productions, the plot revolves around male characters who are unable to deal with rejection and are struggling to understand the idea of consent. Shot in new and old environs of Lahore, the drama has a somber tone to it, with a powerful and haunting soundtrack.

Yumna does her role justice as Hajra, a girl who is somewhat disturbed and is not able to continue studies, she is teaching at a school while her father is a Halwai and an honest man and a good father.Shayan (Sami Khan) plays the role of her lover, and soon to be husband. Despite Hajra's several rejections, Shayan stays persistent and it makes one think where does one draw the line between romance and harassment? And most importantly, how does one respect the other individual’s consent?

The drama revolves around consent and the power of a woman but I think they are also contradicting the point here, there is no concept of consent in the story.

Hajra (Yamna zaidi) who is sexually assaulted by Rehan Chaudary (Imran Ashraf), a wealthy landlord fights the world and takes the perpetrator to the court only to win the case with evidence and still forgive him and send him back to his mother.

We are shocked and disappointed, this is a case of justice served but DENIED!

Rehan should not have been forgiven, Infact such people should be given therapies or should be treated in prison so once their punishment ends they come out as nice people, also if we set such standards of forgiving just because men will be uncontrollable once they come out of prison then the whole purpose of justice fails. We will as a society fail. Why not recommend things or treatment that should be given to such guilty people in prison instead of forgiving and letting them move freely for the crime they committed. They are forgiven that is why even if they go in jails they come out with even more anger and revenge, they have no remorse over what they did.

What social message are the writers of the drama trying to promote? That if you stab someone 23 times, the girl Hajra ( who had been wanting justice throughout the story ) should just forgive and send the culprit to his mother? In what world is this fair?

Not to mention, the drama is based on a true story of Khadija who was stabbed 23 times outside her college by her lover. who then roamed free till 3 years later, she finally got justice. This story is mocking what she had been through and it says that the one doing such atrocities should be forgiven.

Television and drama play a huge role to our society in teaching them things, adding knowledge to our masses, this drama fails to do so. The message they are promoting is just horrendous and dangerous to our society. Anyone who does such a crime should NOT be forgiven or be able to roam free. Justice deserves to be served and NOT denied.

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