7 Things We Loved About Hamza Abbasi and Naimal's Wedding

Weddings are always exciting, especially when our celebrities get married, here's an appreciation post for the couple..
Updated 26 Aug, 2019 02:58pm

Weddings are always exciting and fun, especially when our favourite celebrities get married. It is always inspiring and also gives us lots of know how on how to do a wedding! From the dresses to the guestlist, we cover it all today.

1. The Simplicity of the event:

2. It was a very closed event between friends and family, No media involvement, no grand celebration:

3. Everybody was wearing shades, following a daytime event:

4. The gesture and love the couple showed for eachother:

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Aren’t they perfect Couple Goals? ♥️

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5. Traditional Values showed by the bride, she wore her mother's wedding dress:

6. The Ambiance, there was love in the air with beautiful scenery and views, the sun was shining bright on the beautiful couple:

7. Gohar Rashid and Usman Mukhtar were also present at the wedding: