Naimal Khawar Opens Up About Her Wedding Dress

The blushing beauty kept it minimal and also did her own hair and makeup, she explained the importance of traditions..
Published 01 Sep, 2019 02:30pm

Hamza Abbasi's newly wed wife seems to be getting alot of attention, mostly for her looks, her simple nature and her talent. People are liking her for her simplistic and graceful traits. No wonder Hamza tied the knot in the get go!

With her timeless beauty, it’s not a surprise that Naimal chose to wear her mother’s wedding dress and made it look as beautiful. The Anaa actor looked regal in her mother’s dress with slight alterations courtesy of designer, Maheen Shah. . According to Maheen, they chose to keep the lenga and dupatta as it is and crafted a gold kamdaani kameez to go with it. Featuring accents of traditional gota and salma work on the border, sleeves, and neckline, the kameez was finished off with tassels.

Naimal took to Instagram on Friday and shared that wearing her mother’s dress on her own wedding was the best decision she has ever made.

“The moment I realized I’m getting married, I knew I wanted to wear my Amma’s nikkah jora,” she said, adding that she always been drawn to old world charm and the simplicity of bridal joras back in the day. “There is also a certain emotional attachment that comes with wearing your mother’s outfit,” she said.

She explained that Maheen helped her alter it exactly the way she wanted it, preserving its delicacy and purity but also creating something that looks good on her.

The blushing beauty kept it minimal and also did her own hair and makeup.

She also added "Your wedding day is supposed to be a happy day that you can truly enjoy. It’s okay if you don’t wear the heaviest jewellery and would rather keep it a little light. Your comfort and happiness is the most important thing!”

Her wedding was the subject of a lot of talk because the news broke just days before their ceremony. A wedding card circulated on social media and stated that the two were tying the knot on August 25. Abbasi took to Twitter to confirm the news. The reception took place on August 26.

Hamza, who recently returned from Hajj, had also expressed “massive respect” for Naimal for being okay with a bald groom.