Shehzad Roy, Sarwat Gillani and Shaneira Akram Attend First Child Abuse Conference

A press conference was held titled 'Stop Child Abuse' to shed light on the types of abuse children go through..
Updated 02 Sep, 2019 03:19pm

The conference was organized byCatwalk Event Management and Productions, under the aegis of Catwalk Cares. Sheneira Akram, Sarwat Gillani, and Shehzad Roy were one of the few speakers at the conference.

Secretary of Pakistan’s Ministry of Human Rights, Rabiya Javeri graced the event as the chief guest and praised the effort of Frieha Altaf to make such a great initiative.

The participants at the conference expressed their concerns and were also taught the good touch and bad contact at an early age. It was also proposed that kids were taught about their bodies.

Relevant topics were highlighted during the ‘Stop Child Abuse’ conference including Physical, Mental and Emotional Violence against Children; Child Sexual Abuse, Child Prostitution and Trafficking, Child Pornography/Cyber Crime; Child Labour; Child Domestic Violence; Child Marriage, Bullying and Corporal Punishment at Schools among other related topics.

Speaking at the conference, Frieha Altaf, said, “As CEO of Catwalk Cares, I am committed to creating a public platform where one can openly speak about all types of childhood abuse in order to raise awareness; create public commitment; prevent cases of childhood abuse transpiring and to hopefully one day eradicate this rampant epidemic which is threatening the future of our children.”

We think this is great initiative taken by Frieha who was already started the #metoo movement. This topic definitely needed to be shed light upon and we hope people had a lot to learn from the conference.

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