HIP Picks 6 Songs To Rekindle Your Patriotic Spirit This Defence Day

Even today we'd listen to these songs in remembrance of and to cherish those who protected us during the hard times.
Published 06 Sep, 2019 06:53pm

Today is a very special occasion as it marks Defence Day and it is impossible to forget our armed forces who sacrificed so much for this nation. In this day and this age, where everything seems to be moving at a fast pace, let's take out some time to remember all those who did so much for Pakistan.

And what could be a better way to do that then by going back in time and listening to a few patriotic songs that still tug at our heart and rekindle the patriotic spirit within a second.

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So the tracks which we have picked for you are,

Ye Watan Tumhara Hai

Sung by the legendary Mehdi Hassan, it is a beautifully composed and written song which brings tears to your eyes as it makes you aware about how precious this country is and how lucky we all are to have a country like Pakistan which is ours to nourish and take care.

Aye Watan Ke Sajeelay Jawanon

Sung by the legendary Madam Noor Jehan this song truly awakens the patriot in everyone with heartfelt lyrics and Madam's golden voice. Relive the memories of what our armed forces sacrificed for us in the hard times with this beautiful song.

Wattan Ki Mitti

A strong reminder of the fertile land we all call home, this song is still loved by us. Nayyara Noor created magic with her voice and listening to it even today, gives us goosebumps.

Dil Dil Pakistan

Dil Dil Pakistan resonates in the heart of every Pakistani even today. One can never really forget the magic which Vital Signs created with Dil Dil Pakistan, this one's a true favourite

Aye Watan Pyare Watan

Sung by Ustaad Amanat Ali Khan this song reminds us how important it is to love your own country because at the end of the day no matter where you reside, there is no place like home and home for us is Pakistan.

Ae Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo

This was originally written as a tribute to the armed forces of Pakistan decades ago and is a narration of conflict of war as well as about those who lost their lives in the name of this nation. And being as melodious as it us, Ae Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo sug by Noor Jehan is a remembrance of why we'd give our lives even today for the sake of this homeland.

As 6th September is a reminder of the struggles of this nation and how Pakistan stood proud with resilience, strength and bravery of its armed forces against the enemy, today we should promise to cherish and love it forever.