Mawra Hocane - Adeel Hussain Starrer Daasi Gets On Air Date

The drama also stars Faryal Mehmood in a pivotal role.
Published 10 Sep, 2019 02:54pm

One of our favorite past time in the evening is to sit down and watch a nice drama on television. With so many of our favorites having ended, we are now looking forward to the new ones which are about to air soon and one such drama which caught our attention through its teasers happens to be Daasi whose on-air date is finally revealed much to our delight.

All set to hit our TV screen on 16th September which happens to be a Monday, the reason why we are excited to view this project is that for the very first time we will be seeing Mawra Hocane and Adeel Husain together in one frame.

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Being presented as an unconventional tale, Daasi has been written by Misbah Nosheen who gave us Ishq Tamasha to name a few and is being directed by Mohsin Talat.

With Mawra playing a character called Sunheri, she comes across as a bubbly girl who is full of confidence but something or another happens which will change her drastically.

So will the story be as intense as the teasers? Well, that only time will tell but none the less we will be catching the first episode and posting our review on it too.