Our Take On Webseries 'Lifafa Daayan' ✉
Our Take On Webseries 'Lifafa Daayan' ✉

Our Take On Webseries 'Lifafa Daayan' ✉

We are often heard complaining about the fact that our dramas and our webseries the few that we have managed to...
Updated 31 Mar, 2021 01:09am

We are often heard complaining about the fact that our dramas and our webseries the few that we have managed to create are on clichéd faded topics. The same plots and plots of the household playing again and again to new actors and actresses.The faces changing but the dance remains the same. Then when faced with change we can hear the knives come out silently at first and then in overt videos on who funded this and how it is a sazish from abroad on our news industry blah blah blah.

Yes ladies and gentlemen we're talking about lifafa dayan the new webseries wrinkling quite a few brows on the OTT platform Urduflix these days starring 'Mashal Khan' as the lead protegnist 'Alina Ali' a news caster who twists facts spins the world her own way and gets whatever she wants on and off air right down to new furniture for her home. 

Let's face it nobody in the news media would like to have this topic spoken about or made the base of a story because Hey, it's always the politicians who are dirty never the news anchors and show hosts. Driving 7 series BMW's right? Well sadly it's a fact of this industry how some of these anchors are connected with the whose as well as recieve files to talk on subjects with price tags attached or have we already forgotten the famous leaked news anchor videos we have all seen? 

So what's good about this series besides the risque topic? Well Mashal Khan the Ciggy smoking and drinking power anchor with a nervous twitch is all the method acting one would love to see from a Pakistani star till yet playing the woman wronged in our regular plays on TV. One can see what an actor can do if they get some space and that's what this webseries seems to have provided for Mashal who looks like she will either kill someone or breakdown at any moment such are the visible cracks in her charecters demeanour. 

Her opposite or Hina Chaudhry as Sonia is a debutant in the world of news media about to learn the ropes of the trade after shaking off unwarranted advances in her previous teaching environment. Can we ever make the harrasser more layered then the blunt straight hand on the shoulder though one wonders. Does sinister have to look so obviously sinister as well? Aren't the real demons the ones who look harmless? Having said that Hina's performance has to be among the goods of this series as well.

The bads though seem mainly to be production values and quality of props which in our opinion show too dingy an environment where as most of our successful news channels are literally like all glass and steel monoliths to bling these days so perhaps it's harkening back to the start of the private channel era. But even then it really doesn't excuse the uneccessary abuses being hurled in the series. We're not saying our news environment doesn't have them but don't think they're in your face either. Also I think webseries makers do need to realise that the Tapori language in 'Mirzapur' fit Into the storyline effortlessly. Here it's seeming a bit forced .

All in all we love the fresh topic and can't wait to see how many more feathers this dayan ruffles, also doesn't Alina resemble someone very closely in our industry? Hmmmmm we wonder what's her take on all the lifafas being thrown around.