Geo's Sana Mirza harassed during PTI coverage

Journalist had to be rescued from angry mob by PTI officials
Updated 03 Dec, 2014 04:07pm

For Geo News anchorperson Sana Mirza entering a PTI protest was a tough assignment. According to a tweet members of the Islamabad protest attempted to harass the journalist and the situation had to be controlled by PTI officials.

I faced one of my career's most dificult's moments being harassed by the crowd in #30thNovAzadiDharna but tried to be honest in my coverage

— Sana Mirza (@SanaMerza) November 30, 2014

But I would say the situation would have more worse if some PTI officials wouldn't came to safeguarded me — Sana Mirza (@SanaMerza) November 30, 2014

Imran Khan repeatedly reminds his followers that Geo network has no shame so naturally they end up hating on the organization and its employees whereas the employees are just doing their job but mob mentality worsens the situation. Even though Khan was once heard defending Geo's employees but who pays heed to such statements when you have people to harass.

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PTI's Azadi dharna has been going on for over 100 days and so has the party's grudge against Geo network, making it unsafe for Geo's employees to cover the Azadi dharna.

This is not the first time that harassment has been associated with PTI rallies. Gharidah Farooqi faced a similar problem during the Multan rally.

PTI workers misbehave with me & crew on stage. Injure my camera man Ashfaq. Good political show but worst at management! #Multan #PTI

— Gharidah Farooqi (@GFarooqi) October 10, 2014

Back in March 2013, PTI's famous Lahore rally was a big hit and dramatic with all the rain, lightening and Iqbal Bano's 'Hum dekhengai' playing in the background but the very next day; Twitter and blogs section of various English dailies was full of harassment stories.

Zara S wrote in her blog:

"While the gathering was immense and the jalsa proved to be a great ‘political success’, it left behind a trail of horror for some female participants. For them, things were not as pleasant as the telly reported,"