The driving force behind 'Bachaana': Nasir Khan!

"whatever mistakes I made while making 'Bachaana', I'll try not to repeat them." says Khan.
Updated 26 Feb, 2016 09:01am

As he told me when the conversation proceeded, it took this individual and his partner Rizwan Saeed, more than 15 years to raise enough money to work on films. The passion, the dedication, the drive, everything was inborn. Managing to produce a comedy-romantic-thriller in a flourishing industry like ours is certainly not everybody's cup of tea. Nasir Khan - the director of Bachaana is an inspirational figure that way. Speaking to HIP about his film, his expectations and his journey, we get a trip back in time and enjoy it thoroughly!

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How did the journey of Bachaana begin and why did you debut with this particular script?

Basically my partner Rizwan and I always wanted to make a film and we were developing scripts. But the India-Pakistani element we've showcased in Bachaana is very unique. Who's the last person who would save you (laughs).

As far as how we knew this should be our debut, I think things started falling in place! We had the resources, the actors, and we went to Mauritius and actually liked the place. So I'd call it destiny rather then an extensively planned project.

How was your experience with the project; what difficulties did you have while shooting?

Our pre-production was very strong and we were certain on how to do it. We were all together at one place, so we had a week for rehearsals, hence everybody was aware of the script. Thank God we had no major mishaps and we were always a step ahead. We completed the shoot in 35 days and that too in one go, so it was easy for everybody. I myself enjoyed a lot; Mauritius gives you beautiful locations to shoot at.

So there weren't any difficulties as such, we had a technical issue for the first two days, due to which we couldn't shoot. Mohib didn't know how to swim as we have some underwater shots as well. It was stressful to be honest, but luckily everything went well.

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After Bachaana's releases do you have any other projects lined up? If so, what genre would it be this time?

I hope that whatever we venture with is entertaining and something that the audience would get engaged in. We'll know where we stand after the release, to be very honest. There are a few things in development, but I find everything as a learning experience. So whatever mistakes I made while making Bachaana, I'll try not to repeat them.

According to you, in what way do you think Bachaana would prove to be a milestone for local cinemat?

'Milestone' is a real big thing, I never thought of it like that. But I'd say that enjoy it, as there are lots of treats visually and whatever the audience takes out of it is their personal opinion. The Pakistan and India scenario is being presented from a Pakistani point of view for the first time. We as Pakistanis are noble at heart and I hope that's registered.

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Tell me a bit about how you started your career as a filmmaker; was that your dream?

Well I used to be in Canada and directed short films for their Film Board over there. Then I moved to Pakistan and directed a sitcom and then a telefilm for the HUM Festival. Then a documentary as well as a drama serial. Later I moved to Lahore and directed a lot of TVC's. So it was a tough journey and I was just saving up for a film. Now it's still a possibility to make a film locally, back then it was just a dream!

The lead cast of Bachaana are all television actors debuting on the big screen for the first time (or at least this genre). I'm sure you've heard of the 'big screen presence', what are your thoughts on it?

I do believe there's a certain cinematic requirement as its canvas is undoubtably larger then life. But our Director Of Photography was amazing and we thoroughly discussed how to shoot every scene. According to me, their presence is good enough and above all they are extremely hard working and talented actors. Mohib was really excited as he always wanted to do this sort of a film, it was a new territory for Sanam, but she did a brilliant job as well. Then Adeel is a powerful artist. And at the end of the day, it's also our responsibility, as to how we present them.

Bachaana seems different from the usual commercial cinema we've seen after the new age of cinema. What's your take on item numbers and films along that line?

It's about one's point of view, you'll see mine in this film. I believe all sorts of films should be made, abhi banani hain jistra marzi and eventually we'll have our own identity. There should be no restriction, as fortunately or unfortunately, it's the audience who gets to decide what is to be followed.

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What would be your message for the HIP readers?

Go out and watch the movie. Take your family and friends along and enjoy it!