Urdu 1 to air 'Fashion Pakistan Week' for the first time!

'An Exclusive Interview with Adnan Malik' will air on Sunday 8:00PM in which the showstoppers have been interviewed
Updated 08 Mar, 2016 09:14pm

For all the lovers and followers of Urdu 1, here is an exciting news; Urdu 1 is going to air 'Fashion Pakistan Week Winter/Festive' for the very first time.

Gear up for Urdu 1's coverage of 'Fashion Pakistan Week', that will be done for the first time in its history. It is to inform all the viewers of Urdu 1 that the channel will air the show in four segments, divided throughout the month; from 13th March to 13th April 2016 every Sunday.

Urdu 1 to air FPW Winter/Festive 2015 on every Sunday between 13th March to 13th April. #FPW2015 @urdu1tv

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Also, a show called An Exclusive Interview with Adnan Malik will also air on Sunday 8:00PM in which Malik has interviewed all the showstoppers at the Urdu1 lounge before the 'FPW'.

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The reason of putting the event on air is to show Urdu1’s association with 'FPW' and its first ever collaboration with the fashion industry of Pakistan.