FPW Winter Festive 2016 Day 2: Shehla Chatoor's spellbinding assortment slays the crowd

The second day saw the number of attendees increase. However, only a few fashion segments had something new to offer
Published 01 Nov, 2016 08:09pm

Day two of the FPW had it all; the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry, the impeccably dressed socialites strutting the red carpet, the keen journalists ready to review the collections and the size zero models. The seats and rows were flooded with stylish men (a rare sight in Karachi), while the women present were also dressed to impress. The political figure, Sherry Rehman also graced us with her presence in a glittery outfit and perfectly blow dried hair. The reviews of Day 1, perhaps, had inspired fashionistas and the trendy populace to check out what Day 2 had to in store.

To be honest, the lineup of Day 2 had us all looking forward to be served with an amalgamation of out-of-the-box extravagant designs. After all, who wouldn’t have high hopes when the designers showcasing included names like Shehla Chatoor, Deepak Perwani, FnkAsia by Huma Adnan and Arsalan Iqbal. While Chatoor, and Perwani, managed to blow away the crowd, the rest of the designers failed to leave a memorable impact.

Here’s a look at the collections that sizzled on the ramp, as well as those who fizzled out.

Shehla Chatoor

The second day of the FPW 2016 commenced with Shehla Chatoor; the reigning collection of the night. The fashion assortment presented included western and bridal couture. This was the perfect idea to present her capsule collection, as Chatoor managed to catch the attention of those who prefer western attire, as well as those who were searching for ingenious bridal outfits. The theme the designer focused on was transitional garments that would be perfect for any luxurious occasion. The fashion presentation took off with gorgeous black gowns that were a blend of edgy and chic, followed by ivory and gold dresses.

However, it was the incorporation of embroidery on the dresses that left everyone enthralled. The patterns the designer used for the embroidery on the capes and dresses were colourful plants and flowers. The majestic bridal outfits on the other hand, comprised ivory dresses that included velvet lehengas of shades of emerald, magenta, maroon and black. The breathtaking collection was inspired by archaic designs, but was juxtaposed with the contemporary trends. In effect, creating an eccentric collection that everyone can’t wait to get their hands on.

FnkAsia- Huma Adnan

The collection titled 'Midnight garden' comprised of eastern wear and bridal trousseau, and included outfits with intricate embroidery and sequins work. Cuts and silhouettes ruled the line, whereas flower patterns were an intrinsic part of the collection, efficaciously incorporated within the base colours such as deep purples, cranberry, peachy pastels and beetroot. Yes, the brand has experimented with dark colours this season and managed to create an amalgamation of outfits that were pleasing to the eye. Bright and eccentric, the collection was unconventional and hip; perfect for those who want to create their own style statement.

The assortment also carried forth the signature design philosophy of the brand, which is a funky fusion of East and West that makes one pop. Overall, the collection was a commendable one and presented the audience with novel designs that could be trending in upcoming weddings. The showstoppers for FNKAsia were the actors Naveen Waqar and Hania Aamir of Janaan fame; both looking exquisite in the FNKAsia bridal wear.


HEM by Sumbul Asif, showcased their latest collection titled ‘Golden Cage’ on Day 2. It might not have been such a great decision to start the showcase right after Shehla Chatoor and FNKAsia and we feel perhaps, this might have played a huge role in the lack of appreciation the designer received from the audience.

The entire range focused on reviving various embroidery techniques to curate unique looks and local crafts were fused with age old trends in an attempt to create a contemporary eastern line for weddings and other festive occasions. Even though the headdresses used with the outfits were traditional and ethnic, they failed to create a trendy blend due to the lack of a modern element in the designs. The garments were created over a variety of light and diaphanous fabrics such as chiffon, silk, net and organza to complement the intricate embroidery. The colours that reigned the creations included ivory, pastel shades and a few bright pink coloured pieces. The show stoppers for the designer were Umar Iftikhar and Sumbul Iqbal.

House of Arsalan Iqbal

The next in line was Arsalan Iqbal’s collection 'Baroque Star’, inspired from the baroque paintings and architecture. With a palette of black and gold, the collection aimed to create the 16th century gentleman appearance, fused with the present day urban setting. The fabric used for the collection was handwoven, and a modern technique creating shadow 3D effects was incorporated into the patterns and the embroidery.

The combination of black and gold was used in Maheen Karim’s collection on Day 1, and in comparison, Arsalan failed to leave a lasting impression. The assemblage included mainly menswear, whereas Suneeta Marshall and Fia adorned the two outfits designed for ladies. The lehenga worn by Suneeta Marshal was sleek and sexy at the same time, while on the other hand, the saree Fia modelled, was too simple and fizzled on the ramp. The menswear line included black sherwanis and jackets, ornamented with golden embroidery. The showstoppers for Arsalan Iqbal were Zurain Imam and Mohib Mirza.

Natasha Kamal

In her FPW 2016 Winter Festive collection, Natasha Kamal reinterpreted and modernized classics in an attempt to break away from conventional designs. The assortment was created, using the designer’s signature gota, appliqué, beadwork, embroidery and cutwork detailing intermingled with tailored silhouettes, sumptuous fabrications and couture details. The collection comprised Eastern outfits fused with a Western touch, and included sarees, lehangas, kameez paired with pants and effeminate sherwanis. The collection overall wasn’t something mesmerizing, however there were a few lehengas that were sultry and glamourous at the same time. The grey satin saree on the other hand, was sexy, simple, sleek and stylish.

The colour combinations the designer used for the assortment were red and white, black enhanced with white and, maroon with beige. Other shades used in the collection included pastel shades of peach, white and gold. The jewelry for the collection was provided by Nazneen Tariq, and the showstoppers for the designer were Aisha Khan and Gauhar Rasheed.

Deepak Perwani

The second day concluded with one of the most anticipated collections of the FPW 2016 Winter Festive; ‘Ishq’ by Deepak Perwani. The bridal collection was inspired from the force of love, that usually empowers one to go beyond themselves. Even though Day 2 was flooded with designers showcasing bridal wear, Deepak’s design aesthetics were amongst one of the most pleasing of all. The clothes presented, focused more on fusing an ingenious colour palette, and took a step away from heavy embellishments.

The collection displayed a bridal trousseau for men as well as women. For women, there were gloriously ornamented lehengas, with a vast array of exquisite colours and gold radiance. The men’s collection included graceful sherwani’s. The aspect of the exhibit that managed to amaze the crowd was the intricate embroidery of elephants on the shawls. The showstopper for Deepak Perwani was Aiza Khan who looked vivacious in the artistically embellished bridal dress.