In Review: Does Moray Saiyaan impress in its first episode?

The premiere episode introduces us to a love triangle, family drama, and oodles of chemistry between the lead pair.
Published 10 Nov, 2016 01:55am

Dramas like Udaari, which raised the taboo topic of child abuse, and Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, which talks about intersex children, have definitely revolutionized Pakistani television. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no place for love stories and family dramas like Moray Saiyaan. We might've dismissed the drama serial as 'just another love story' when we first saw the promos, but who doesn't enjoy those?

We sure do, hence, we decided to watch the first episode of this ARY Digital drama.

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An IDream entertainment production, Moray Saiyaan depicts the story of one big family who's embroiled in conflicts and estranged relationships. The elder brother and his two sisters share a problematic relationship because of which their children seem to suffer.

Ghazyan (Uzair Jaswal), who is Firdous Jamal (the elder brother's) son, arrives from abroad with the mission to bring the family together. However, his attempts to unite the siblings fails because uniting his paternal aunt and uncles isn't as simple as he thought it would be.

Meanwhile, his aunts' are busy eyeing their foreign qualified nephew because, as fate would have it, both of them have one young, beautiful, unmarried daughter each. While his one aunt’s daughter, Nimra, is into him, he is interested in the other aunt’s daughter, Zubariya (Hira Toor).

A love triangle is built right there in the first episode.

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Jaswal first made his film debut with Jalebi and has now stepped foot into the drama industry with Moray Saiyaan. It's only fair to say that the young talent has acted remarkably well and seems to be the perfect fit for the role of a young lover.

The drama is shot in the beautiful location of Murree, making it aesthetically pleasing, and the cast selection (which includes a lot of fresh faces) makes it an even better visual treat.

Ali Kazmi's appearance came as a pleasant surprise for us and it is obvious that his character's stable love life is shown to balance out Jaswal’s complicated one.

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Uzair Jaswal and Hira Toor share good on-screen chemistry and a budding romance can be foreshadowed despite Zubariya's apparent dislike for Ghazyan. Yes, the poor eligible bachelor seems to have annoyed the leading lady, but that's an all too common trait in all our female protagonists; they never seem to like their heroes in the first few interactions.

However, the drama had it's fare share of distasteful dialogues. The most disturbing one for us was when Nimra’s mother tells her that “Khoobsurat chehra sari buraiyaan chupa leta hai” reinforcing the stereotypical notion that all a woman can offer is her looks; she can ignore her brain cells for all we care. Sigh, guess it will be a long time until Pakistani dramas stop promoting stereotypical ideals.

All in all, Moray Saiyaan delivers in its first episode and we can’t wait to see how the love triangle, family drama and complications unwrap in the coming episodes. It is no Udaari or even a Diyar-e-Dil (if we speak of family drama), but it can certainly be your Gul-e-Rana.