5 TVC'S Mahira Khan Starred in 2016!

The actress kept us entertained with numerous TVC’s this year. Here are the ads Mahira was a part of in 2016
Updated 15 May, 2019 10:29pm

The entire year, all we heard was news on how everyone’s favorite Mahira Khan is starring opposite Sharukh Khan in Raees. While we couldn’t wait for Raees’s premiere, we also hoped Mahira Khan would star in some Pakistani drama or movie so we could get to see her pretty face once again. Even though the serial Bin Roye has been on air on Hum Tv, a part of us craved to see the actress in a different role. Well, here’s where our ad makers stepped in.

Yes, even though Mahira wasn’t a part of any movie, her face was plastered over billboards, magazines and TV screens throughout the year. All thanks to the big brands who could afford to cast her as their brand ambassador! And we have to admit it, we loved every TVC she was a part of.

Here are the five advertisements Mahira starred in, and managed to win us over with:


The ad starring Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan, was a treat for all the Humsafar fans who just crave to see the two together. For years, Lux has worked on creating a glamourous image by picking popular celebrities, hence we weren’t surprised when we spotted the two Khan’s in the TVC. While Fawad looks as handsome as ever, we just couldn’t get over how gorgeous Mahira looked in the peach gown.


The Coke TVC starred Mahira Khan with Sheheryar Munawar, her co-star from Ho Mann Jahan. Even though the ad was directed well, we wish Mahira and Sheheryar were given more screen time. Honestly, wouldn’t the ad be much better if it only revolved around the two stars? After all, Mahira Khan is enough to catch our attention, and we highly doubt anyone will be drooling over a bottle of Coca Cola with her around.


Even though the QMobile ad was a rip off of an Indian ad Aliya Bhatt starred in, we still loved the TVC because of Mahira Khan’s existence in it. Also, we couldn't get over how sexy the talented actress looked in the glamourous skin hugging gown. The ad not only gave us a chance to watch Mahira in a different look, but also provided fashionistas with style ideas.

Emporium mall

Even though this ad was the least impressive among all the others Mahira Khan starred in, we just loved her role of a cute bubbly shopper. And the fact is, who wouldn’t want to know more about the mall if its Mahira showing us around, even if it’s in a TVC. Yes, that’s her star power!

Gai detergent

This is one brand we never thought a star like Mahira Khan would collaborate with, but after watching the TVC, we were blown away. Directed beautifully, the ad is among the best we have seen all year and we are so glad Mahira decided to be a part of it.