Advertising shift: From Celebrities to Animation!

Be it Fawad Khan in Tapal or Iman Ali in Coke, we've loved them all, but looks like the trend might by shifting.
Updated 22 Jan, 2017 04:46pm

What's the traditional form of making a TVC? Get a celebrity, take them abroad (Thailand, maybe), add some dances and cheesy lines and there you go! You have a brand new advertisement ready to entertain!

As much as I love looking at Fawad Khan in every other TVC, ranging from chai to cars, sometimes you just can't resonate with the brand and their selection of brand ambassador. I for one, couldn't handle the classy Fawad as Oochi.

However, other times you can't help but be amazed by the perfect combination. For example, I think Hamza Ali Abbasi and Shaan Shahid were a perfect match for the Servis Tyre advertisement! Don't you think the same?

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Recently, we have seen a shift in the way TVCs are done. This started off with how Tarang, (a brand of Engro Foods) changed the game and made an animated ad! Although I loved the use of bolt technology, I had failed to understand the concept of a chai ka pateela talking to the tea cup. Too much of Alice in Wonderland eh?

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And now, I came across this animated ad on my newsfeed for KnockOut chips (by the Dalda Group), wherein they also focused on their product rather than relying on a celebrity endorsement.

Frankly speaking, it's a huge step, considering it is their first TVC. Most brands choose to collaborate with a renowned name so consumers at least view the entire thing. But instead, the animated TVC focuses on the taste, the crunchiness and the six flavours.

Each neon light representing a flavour, now there is some serious thought put in here. And remember the school days when we were taught that anything on a black background will shine out? The advertisement shows that someone was actually focusing in class! However having said that, when the ad started with the voice-over and the initial thud I actually thought this was a cricket commercial.

What marketers need to realise is that sometimes just a simple ad can convey the message to the consumer. You do not always need to complicate the message for them and nor do you need a celebrity to add value.

And considering the change in latest advertisements, it looks like animation might be the next big thing in Pakistan.