Mira Sethi & mother, Jugnu Mohsin team up to launch ‘Souchaj’
Mira Sethi & mother, Jugnu Mohsin team up to launch ‘Souchaj’

Mira Sethi & mother, Jugnu Mohsin team up to launch ‘Souchaj’

"I really like the fact that the esthetic is true to our 'desi' roots," says Sethi.
Updated 14 Jun, 2017 02:31pm

The brains behind upcoming bridal-wear brand, Mehak and Meher launched Souchaj in Lahore with their brand ambassadors, actress, Mira Sethi and her mother, seasoned journalist herself, Jugnu Mohsin. Traditional, ancestral and regal, the brand promises to go back to the golden era of local fashion with their heavily embellished, yet absolutely stunning bridal ensembles.

To find out more details, HIP got a hold of Sethi who was all praises for the budding designer duo. “It is not superficial, it really embraces the old-school desi,” she begins. “As far as I’m concerned, I feel desi can never go out of style since it’s true to who we are and it’s simply beautiful. Even when I go to shaadis, I don’t like wearing dementias or ornaments like fake pearls on my clothes and Souchaj stays away from that.”

Speaking of what made her take the project, the Dil Banjara actress says that she was mighty impressed with the collection and seemed hopeful of the brand’s future prospects. “I really like their sensibility of the band. I really like the fact that the aesthetic is true to our desi roots,” she answers with conviction.

“They use a lot of gotta in a very classic style. One of the designers takes inspiration from her mother and grandmother and she looked at stuff they wore at their weddings and that is primarily what I love about the brand,” she continued.

Interestingly enough, the campaign also happens to be the first time Mira posed for the camera with her mother. “I had received the pictures of the clothes on my phone and I showed Ammi some of them and she told me she quite liked them,” Sethi says of what convinced her mother to take it up. “Since we hadn’t collaborated before, I asked her because I knew it would’ve been a fun memory and she agreed.”

When the ladies at Souchaj approached me to model their clothes, I naturally asked to see the collection. The photos arrived on WhatsApp: ting! ting! ting! Hmmm. Not bad, I thought. Hmmm, rather nice. Hmmm, very nice, indeed. This is how my thoughts progressed. I showed the images to my mother, who, in the past, with a wave of an adorable milky hand, has turned down offers to pose for the camera. “The clothes are unusual,” I said to her. “Yes,” she said. “I like some of these images.” And so it is. Souchaj has launched, and with it, the rebirth of a new desi sensibility. The blue dupatta in this image is probably one of my favourite stand-alone pieces. It’s made from sucha kingri gota, created in one of the oldest workshops in the world, Lahore’s androon shehr. One of my favourite techniques employed by Souchaj is the use of muqesh – those gorgeous fleks of silver – done in a “bharaaoini” (filled) style. There is the mahajaal (royal knots), the wasli (golden or silver thread), the gota. I’m a sucker for gota, what can I say? And the thing I LOVE most about Souchaj: you won’t see diamantes dangling (and breaking, Cinderella-like), in the wake of your walk. If ever bling was done right, this is it. Souchaj has launched, and I’m so happy to be a tiny part of its true desi kahaani. #Souchaj #launch #desicouture @souchaj (makeup & photography by sweethearts-in-sneakers @maramaabroo, jewellery by saadi apni Jersey girl @samreenvance) 🙌🏼 #mehakgulkhan #mehrkhan #aabroohashimi #maram #samreenvance #mirasethi

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I asked Mira of how it was being on-set with Jugnu Mohsin and what memories they now cherish from their first shoot together. “It was very sweet. While we were shooting, we recited a lot of Urdu poetry. We cracked a lot of jokes and got mutton karhai from where the shoot was taking place,” she giggles. “We all sat around the daigh and had it clean with pieces on naan in no time at all.”

And while Sethi does have a number of runway appearances and campaigns to her credit, she seems to be clear about what makes her opt for a certain brand. “I have to fundamentally like the clothes,” she shares, revealing that she’s turned down a number of hefty offers for she did not believe in the cause.

Coming to work otherwise, Mira will begin shooting for her debut film titled Saat Din Mohabbat In later this summer. Also starring Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar, the romantic-comedy will see Mira playing a comical character and is slated to release sometime in 2018. Her debut book, a collection of short stories, will be published next year as well by industry giants, Knopf and Bloomsbury.