Haroon Shahid & Zeb Bangash Will Make You Fall In Love With Their Latest Collaboration

Now this is what we call talent.
Published 27 Nov, 2018 01:53pm

Last year when the Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid starrer Verna released, the first thing we fell in love with was its track Sambhal Sambhal which was sung by Haroon himself along with the extremely talented Zeb Bangash. So yesterday when we stumbled across their small live session where the duo did a Vital Signs/Junaid Jamshed mash up of "Hum Tum" and "Pehli Dharkan" we were simply hooked.

Releasing the track on his social media page, Haroon wrote,

"Last year, around the time when we released "Sambhal Sambhal" for Verna, me and Zeb got together to record and shoot a small live session. Unfortunately, we couldn't manage to release the videos for it but here's the audio from one of the songs from the session."

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Now usually what happens is that when you pick up classics, it tends to loose its charm but here both Haroon and Zeb have done complete justice to it as they retained the original feel while making it sound very up to date as well. But then again the music which was made at that time was so amazing that we feel that even if someone else decides to do a mashup/rendition lets say ten years down the line, it will not disappoint.

So on a repeat mode for the day, we cant wait to hear more live sessions of Haroon Shahid and Zeb Bangash as they promise to be something we definitely don't want to miss out on.