Kachrachi - Echoes of an Orphan City!
Kachrachi - Echoes of an Orphan City!

Kachrachi - Echoes of an Orphan City!

Kachrachi has gone global and also won the prestigious Award of Merit in Los Angeles...

Published May 15, 2019 11:09am
Kachrachi - Echoes of an Orphan City!
Kachrachi - Echoes of an Orphan City!

Kachrachi, a film about Karachi and a common man, is completely opposite to the genre in which most Pakistani films, whether short films or long ones, fall into.

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The screenwriters Ali Mehdi, Ali Abbas Naqvi, and Ziad Azad have put together an amazing piece of work along with the writer Babar Jamal. The theme of the film is to show the state of affairs concerning Karachi. The major problems that lay within the city of Karachi are highlighted ranging from political corruption and their carelessness towards Karachi to misleading media and the common people.

The film focuses on showing the problems through a single-man skit and Nazar ul Hasan plays the role of the common man. From his attire to his acting and the tone of his voice shows what a talented a remarkable actor Hasan is. Nazar Ul Hasan also won the best actor award for his acting in Kachrachi in the Mumbai Film Fest.

The film shows a conversation of a common man and the issues he facing everyday living in Karachi. It starts with one of the biggest problems in the city and that is pollution and trash. A random person throws garbage just opposite to where the common man rests his head at night. The common man then yells out of madness and the filth around him and says “Dispose of the trash…get out of your house and take the trash out!”

The common man has a lot of different phases and personalities. It is shown that he has imaginary dogs as his companions, which continuously bark at the background. When the common man carries the persona of a political figure, the dogs are the followers of the leader. This shows that the film has a strong take on the political conditions of Karachi right now. Out of craziness, the common man is dancing around chanting the words “Bald Robbers played their tricks And looted the nations entire wealth!”

The common man then specifically targets the entertainment shows like ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ where people now come with just one intention and that is to take a bike, a car, a trip to Mecca and if not that, a water cooler to their home. Who can think of this new problem that has taken over the mindsets of our people? Is this how Pakistan will win?

The common man then targets the political figures very specifically like the bat and the telephone calls. Well, that is too easy for anyone to understand those hints! What did these parties give the common man? The answer is Trash.

The film ends on some very heartbreaking realities of Pakistan. The common man chants the issues saying that the poor are only used for ratings by Television channels. The justice, the police, the streets and literally everyone and everything around him is trash. Then the common man gets hit by a car and that’s how the film ends.

Another thing about the film that cannot be left unnoticed is the music. Produced and composed by Shamoon Khatri, the musician has picked just the right beats for the theme of the film. With his knowledge of Jazz and keyboards and by using the right sounds, the film becomes even more interesting. Kachrachi has gone global and also won the prestigious Award of Merit in Los Angeles.