Brite's New Ad 'Brite Sab Right Kardega' Makes Us Smile Bright!

Humour? check. Visuals? Check. We can't say enough about the commercial!
Updated 01 Aug, 2019 02:24pm

Brite just released a commercial with the key line ' Bright sab right kardega ' with a melodious uplifting jingle to go with it. The song is catchy and is radiating a happy energy. The functionality of the product is communicated well while keeping the humour intact. With Ushna being in the ad, it gives the story a new light, a new face. The visuals feel like a breeze of fresh air, with hues of blues and white, the over all look of the commercial goes with the color of the product. It has a happy feel to it as everybody in the ad also seem to be carefree because they know there's a brand that they can trust.

more importantly, the ad is wholesome and appeals to the “family brand” dynamic that Colgate Palmolive consistently puts at the centre of its identity.

Brite also promises to keep your colored clothes colored, and the whites just white. We don't see this anywhere else but brite promises to take care of all sorts of clothes and thats where the line ' Bright sab right kardega' comes into action.

The tagline 'Bright sab right kardega' is appealing and catchy. It's not something that can just slip off your tongue, its memorable. The visual appeal of the song is also top notch with good locations on a busy day perfectly depicting how easily our clothes can get messed up on a day out and what we can do to make it all right. The hand gesture forming into a check sign is also a great touch to the campaign, it has a catchy feel to it and it ties all of it together.

The Ad connects to the audience in a way that it is making them believe nothing can go wrong. In a world where we live a fast paced life, an assurance can really do wonders and the concept of the brand does just that.

Over all, the advertising is done to perfection giving the audience a breather, a breeze of fresh air and comfort one could rely on.

We are totally hooked!