Sadaf Kanwal's insensitive comments spark debate 

The Balu Mahi actress ridicules feminism, enrages Twitter through latest interview.
Published 31 Jul, 2021 11:40am

Sadaf Kanwal may be one of the top models in the country, but she has been on the news mostly for the wrong reasons. Be it marrying Shahroz Sabzwari soon after he divorced his first wife Syra or making insensitive comments on Social Media, she has usually found herself in trouble. However, this time she takes on 'feminists' without realizing that it is a touchy subject for many, and speaking your mind without knowing about it might cause a ruckus.

In an interview given to ARY Digital, Sadaf Kanwal enraged a lot of people for 'reducing feminism to household chores and taking care of the husbands.' In an era where women are fighting for equal rights, equal pay, and equal everything, her comments struck working women like a bolt of lightning and the reaction saw her become a top trend in no time.

In the TV interview, Sadaf Kanwal was found saying that 'in our society, our culture is our husband.' If that wasn't enough, she further commented that 'if I have to pick up his shoes, iron his clothes (which I don't, but I know where they are kept), I will. I should know where Sherry’s [Shehroz] stuff is and what and when he has to eat.'

She concluded that respect must go hand in hand and both husband and wife should appreciate each other and understand their rights and duties Allah has granted them. On further query, she added that a woman should know more about her husband than he does.

At first glance, it looks like something a dutiful wife would say to impress her in-laws, but Sadaf Kanwal is not just a dutiful wife, she is a top model, budding actress, and above all, a public figure with a lot of following. If she thinks that feminism is taking care of the husband and giving him respect, then there is something wrong with the way parents are raising their kids. 

As expected, her remarks prompted a strong backlash from educated people who took to Twitter to give their two cents. Not only did the argue that Sadaf Kanwal doesn’t represent the strong women out there, she has no clue about those who are oppressed and subjected to violence.

There were those who defended her, claiming she said out loud what goes on in a middle-class household, and that everyone has the right to express themselves.

Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal tied the knot last year in a simple ceremony.