Neeli Zinda Hai Review; Amaan & Sumbul Unite to Bring Down Neeli

There were a lot of much-awaited happy moments in the episode that gave the story a break from all the spooky paranormal events.
Updated 13 Nov, 2021 03:36pm

Neeli Zinda Hai is nearing its end and the plot is surely heading towards the conclusion. The last episode made it apparent that we are soon getting down to the bottom of Neeli’s mysterious death....

However, there were a lot of much-awaited happy moments in the episode this week that gave the story a break from all the spooky paranormal events. Let’s take a quick review of what has been happening in the tale lately and what can we expect next from the horror saga.

Of patch-ups and realizations

Now that Sumbul (Sonia Mishal) has returned home and Amaan (Mohib Mirza) has realized Neeli’s existence; a lot has changed around the household. The episode begins with a heart-warming conversation between Amaan and Sumbul, where the husband is finally coming to terms with the mistakes he did in the past. He is not only in shock, but he is also apologetic that he failed to protect his daughter and family.

Sumbul has a kind heart and is quick to forgive him. In fact, she pacifies him that since he is Minal’s (Tehreem) father, he should be a fighter in these times to get back things to normal. Meanwhile, Alam Sahab is realizing how strong Neeli’s ghost is in the household. He tells Amaan’s father (Muhammad Ahmed) that someone inside the household is helping Neeli to maintain her imprint in the world.

A discussion with Amaan and Sumbul gives Alam Sahab a realization that it is Minaal who has developed a bond with Neeli. He tries to protect their home with a bunch of protective clothes tied around the trees. Little does he realize that Neeli knows his game and will do anything to remain attached to MInaal

The best highlight of the episode was Meherbano (Kinza Malik) finally realizing her mistakes of the past and forming a loving bond with Sumbul. As usual, the daughter-in-law was a bigger person and was quick to forgive her, despite the fact that she had made her life miserable. Sumbul also enjoyed a candid talk with Aaliya (Aaliya Ali) and told her that she is sure that Danish’s father has a connection with Neeli’s death.

However, upon visiting Danish’s father, Sumbul finds him in a state of paralysis, trying to tell her about Neeli but failing amidst Danish’s mother's warnings to Sumbul to leave their home.

The promo of the upcoming episode brings us a step closer to Neeli’s mystery as we spot some old photographs from her past. However, seems like Minaal will become a big bait for both parties in the story as per the sneak peek.

Alam Sahab’s character brings a spark to the tale

We are not sure about the name of the actor essaying Alam Sahab but he has added power to the plot, which is keeping us hooked to the supernatural saga. He has pulled off the intellectual, dignified look like a pro and his acting appears remarkable.

What’s more, we loved the sweetness of relationships and the element of redemption highlighted in the episode. The way the characters of Meherbano, Sumbul, and Aaliya enjoyed a candid chat with each other and united with each other in the tough times was the need of the hour.

Extremely excited for the eventual unveiling of Neeli’s death mystery. We are very close to the story’s conclusion and are up to stay loyal till the end, patiently waiting all this time to know the reason behind Neeli’s restless spirit.