Berukhi – Do Sabeen and Irtiza Have Any Future Together?

The story has reached a point which has us on the edge of our seats with thrill!
Published 09 Dec, 2021 06:15pm

iDream Entertainment’s Berukhi has constantly made the rounds as one of the most buzzing dramas on ARY Digital right now and close to its 13th episode, the story has reached a point which has us on the edge of our seats with thrill, excitement and a motherlode of emotions ready to flow!

What did the last episode look like and where is the story going as things start unraveling? Let’s explore…

Things seem to never go in Sabeen’s way for most of the story we have seen up until now, and it seems the unlucky lass has more bad days written for her! Why do we say that? Well, for starters because Kamran continues to be the evil person he is. But, even more because now Irtiza has also found out it isn’t Sabeen he’s marrying!

That’s right, this episode we see that Irtiza comes to know that Sabeen is not the girl his Aiya Jaan has chosen for him and that leads to him breaking down as his hopes and dreams to marry the girl of his heart come to a disappointing end. Sabeen goes on to even make it worse for our hero when she reveals that she is engaged and will soon be marrying someone else. Irtiza seeing all of this, shares his pain with Qasim, which co-incidentally Agha Jaan hears all about – making a decision to go meet Sabeen.

On the other hand, we continue to see Kamran being an evil man that he is when his deceitful nature spreads through his womanizing habits. This time, we see the dastardly man even giving false hopes of a marriage to a girl, who fortunately sees through his lies when she sees Kamran’s Nikkah card on his table. However, to her luck, her protests are to no avail as we see the villainous man hiring Ata Baksh to kill or kidnap the girl. This all unfortunately, leads to the girl dying and Kamran claiming it was ‘suicide.’

To what length will Kamran continue to be as evil as he is? Only time will tell!

Onwards to Irtiza’s story, this episode we can see that our lovelorn hero is still lost in Sabeen’s thoughts so much so that even he coincidentally calls her househelp, Sabeen! Even this is inflated further when the househelp tells it to Aiya Jaan. This leads to her sending gifts for Maira ensuring that she will be the bride for Irtiza.

With all that is happening, one wonders where Irtiza and Sabeen’s romantic narrative is going as things have definitely taken a turn for the worst for the two. We just hope that Sabeen finds out everything about Kamran right about now and that she finds an honest hero in Irtiza! However, we’re sure there’s a long way to go for us to be that hopeful right about now!