Qissa Meherbano Ka: The Uncertainties Rise!

The Ahsan Khan, Mawra Hocane and Mashal Khan starrer, Qissa Meherbano Ka has been making the rounds on the internet...
Published 13 Dec, 2021 06:09pm

The Ahsan Khan, Mawra Hocane and Mashal Khan starrer, Qissa Meherbano Ka has been making the rounds on the internet amidst drama buzz for a while now, and it seems, each episode – with its new twist – makes it a talk of TV town every time! The latest episode has done the same, as the story now has gone into a new realm altogether with many things coming undone and unraveling.

This week’s episode, we find ourselves where we left off as Meherbano feels broken with Murad’s doubt on the paternity of their unborn child. His dastardly nature towards his own wife and child reveals just how dark the character is – of course, essayed perfectly by Ahsan Khan. Murad just knows Meherbano won’t utter a word and he loves taking advantage of it. On the other hand, Merhan is completely aware of all that is happening to her because of him, and takes a major decision.

That’s right, as unexpected as it gets, Merhan agrees to get married to a girl of his mother’s choice in order to get Murad to stop doubting Meherbano. One could just hope this is the right decision!

While this is going on with Mehran, at Murad’s household, we find Noor finding out that Ayaz has a gun! That’s when she reveals it to Meherbano, who in turn, goes to Ayaz in one of the most emotional scenes from the episode. She tells her nephew that she is only in the house for two reasons – one, her child, and the second, Ayaz. This warms Ayaz once again towards his aunt as we see him getting emotional.

These moments of catharsis are then interrupted when we see Murad celebrating the expected results of the paternity test. This clearly does not settle with Fari – who we see leaving the house finally as she is done with Murad – for now. Mashal Khan adds her own flair to this character, we must say, as she essays the evilness and the jealousy of her character in a perfect manner.

The latest episode, true to the novel’s nature, had a balance of moments, and it definitely kept us glued to our television sets. However, the ending of the episode made us jump too! What did the ending show? Well, for the uninitiated, the novel it has been adapted from has quite a dark tinge to it, and this episode we can see it edging nearer – as Noor can be seen in the bathroom in quite a disturbed state when Meherbano enters.

What will the new episode bring? We’ll have to wait and watch