Sinf e Aahan Episode 13: The Lady Cadets Visit Their Homes

We could witness the transformation in their personalities after living and training in Kakul.
Published 22 Feb, 2022 02:01pm

Sinf e Aahan has completed its three months. The latest episode was quite different from those of the past, with the girls visiting their homes and families for a short holiday.

Upon their homecoming, we could witness the transformation in their personalities after living and training in Kakul. They are stronger, more confident and their view of the world has drastically changed.

However, this is just the beginning of so many more endeavors to kickstart in their lives. Let’s take a quick review of what happened in Sinfe Aahan this week and what are we expecting next to happen.

The much-awaited homecoming

The Lady Cadets (LCs) are excited to return to their cities and hug their families. However, they have to pass their uniform and salute test to get approval to visit their homes.

The project makers paid a lot of attention to this part of the episode and showed in detail the saluting test of every trainee. Mahjabeen (Kubra Khan) is the only one, amongst the squad of Rabia (Sajal Aly), Arzoo (Syra Shahroz), Shahista (Yumna Zaid), Nathmy (Yehali Tashiya), Sidra (Dananeer), and Pariwash (Ramhsa Khan), who fails her test and stays at the acadmey

The rest are exuberant to finally get a break from the PMA life and pass their test. However, Nathmy has to stay back as she is unable to travel to Sri Lanka. Upon discovering this, Rabia hatches a plan to take this matter to Major Samia so she could request the Sri Lankan Embassy in Pakistan to allow Nathmy to visit Islamabad with Rabia.

The two cadets seem to be getting along and are excited at the prospect of spending time together away from Pakistan Military Academy (PMA).

Fortunately, the embassy grants the approval and Rabia swears to protect her Sri Lankan friend with her life. While Mahjabeen stays at Kakul and practices to perfect her salute, the rest are traveling back to their towns. Pariwash and her father encounter their village’s Sardar during their trip to him. The leader offers them a ride in his jeep and Pariwash assumes that this is a positive sign. Consequently, she puts forth the request in front of the Sardar to free her father’s land once she can repay the loan from her PMA salary. While the Sardar is silent, our heroine’s father is worried that this plea will not be welcomed so easily by the leader of the tribe.

Kamil (Junaid Jamshed) greets Shahista to take her back home, who remains nonchalant while meeting him. Although she expresses her gratitude to her fiancée for helping her throughout her journey to PMA, she also puts forward an idea of breaking off their engagement. It's evident that Kamil loves her and has shown it profusely too. Why would Shahista want to get rid of a man who won’t stand in her way of empowerment? Only time will tell.

Arzoo’s homecoming is the most power-packed of all. We all remember how she was followed on the streets in the early episodes and chose to ignore the creepy men who bothered her. But this time, she stands up to her harassers and teaches them a lesson they won't forget. With some punches and tight slaps, she makes them ask for her forgiveness. The entire neighborhood witnesses the episode and is in awe of Arzoo and her strength.

Meanwhile, Nathmy finds a home in Rabia’s family and enjoys the company of her parents. The Sri Lankan cadet is adorable in her Urdu delivery and expresses her love for Biryani and Kebab. It was a heart-warming sight to see her bonding with a Pakistani family who skipped nothing in pampering her and being hospitable.

Women empowerment at its best

Sinf e Aahan has now fans not only just in Pakistan but also in Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. YouTube comments beneath the episode show how viewers worldwide are watching the story and loving the portrayal of women in the army.

In this episode, Pariwash and Arzoo won our hearts with their bravery. Pariwash continues to be her father’s strength and is determined to fulfill his dream of owning his land, again. The way she confidently discusses the matter with the tribe’s leader made us proud of her. This character continues to be fearless, courageous, and hard-working towards her father’s right!

Arzoo was a warrior when she handled the rowdy men in the neighborhood. This daring came from the army training she has received so far. With the scene, her character became a role model for so many women harassed and ogled every day on the streets.

The next episode will make us meet Asim Azhar’s character in the story. What value will his character add to the tale, let’s wait and watch!