Ishq e Laa: The Plot Gets Intense as Azlan Continues his Fight For Justice!

HUM TV's Ishq e Laa has been making waves since its first episode with an impressive cast and riveting storyline....
Published 25 Feb, 2022 11:56pm

HUM TV's Ishq e Laa has been making waves since its first episode with an impressive cast and riveting storyline. Featuring Yumna Zaidi, Sajal Aly and debutant Azaan Sami Khan, Ishq e Laa is changing the narrative, one episode at a time.

The latest episode shows Azka excelling in her medical studies and it looks like her new friend Zain is smitten with her, Yumna Zaidi's character has seen some major development in the drama, we love how she is slowly navigating through her new life and also trying her best to keep out people from her past. Her interaction with Abid was absolutely a treat to watch, we loved her fiery self and how she managed to put him in his right place.

Azlan cracks down on the police during his fight for justice, he has been pressurising the police to find the evidence to pin down the murder of his beloved wife on her murderers Arbab Haroon and his goons. However, the gangster seems to be controlling the police and Azlan's fight for justice seems to be getting nowhere until he threatens the police who he personally knows and he finally uncovers some evidential video which sheds some light on what really happened with Shanaya.

The scene between Arbab Haroon and his son sheds light on the mistakes parents make when they give their children too much freedom. While Arbab Haroon is willing to move mountains in order to save his son from going to jail, his son is out partying with his friend. If only he would have taught his son that his actions would have consequences instead of always cleaning up after his countless messes, he could have been a better person with a moral compass today.

Uzma Hassan aka Kanwal's Showdown with Azlan Stole the Show!

The show makers reserved the best for the last, the closing scene in the episode was a phenomenal watch. Azlan visited Azka's house saying he was there to pay his condolences for Sultan's death however he wanted to find out why Kanwal (Uzma Hassan) and her family had not notified the police when her daughter Aliya had been kidnapped by Arbab Haroon's goons. Azlan's question and accusations towards Kanwal were matched by Kanwal's fiery avatar, she questioned him on why he hadn't been able to catch Shanaya's murderers even though he had a lot more resources than they could even dream of. Azlan left the house accusing them of getting Shanaya murdered by involving her in their matters and then becoming cowards later on leaving her fighting for Sultan on her own.

Will Azlan uncover more evidence against Shanaya's murderers on his own? Watch Ishq e Laa to find out more.