Sang e Mah's Tragic End Shocks Viewers!

The much talked about drama serial Sang e Mah reached its finale this week and netizens are shocked over the ...
Updated 05 Jul, 2022 09:50am

The much talked about drama serial Sang e Mah reached its finale this week and netizens are shocked over the shocking end that the showmakers decided to close the show with! An ensemble cast that was to die for, Sang e Mah had been the talk of town since its inception. Directed by the maestro Seifee Hassan, Sang e Mah highlighted the topic of ‘gagh’ - that has been an unfortunate part of the Pashtoon culture for centuries. A sin that is now a punishable offence years after it has destroyed countless of lives of women.

After a never wrecking cliffhanger in the second last episode, the finale started off with the women fighting for their rights led by Zarghoona (Sania Saeed) it was heartwarming and indeed a proud moment to see all the pashtoon ladies who had fallen victim to gugh, stand up for themselves. Not only did they demand to be heard in a tribal court of men but made sure their voices were heard before Hilmands’ grandfather’s.

Hilmand Saves the Day in the Jirgah! After instigating the whole issue from the very first episode, Hilmand aka Atif Aslam saves the day by countering his grandfather in the tribal council. It was finally time for him to make things right, he stepped in and asked his grandfather for custody of all of his fathers wealth, properties and belongings. Upon hearing this the greedy old man who was only demanding justice for his son from Marjan Khan and Zarsangha in order to acquire money in return for the murder stood up and ran away from the scene.

The Tragic Finale that Broke Hearts!

Hilmand was then forgiven for the gagh he committed on Gulmeena after she made him promise to fight for all the women of Las Viraan whose lives had been destroyed due to Gagh. We all thought well alls well that ends well but little did we know just as Sheherzad and hilmand would enter Haji Marjans room they would find the old couple dead in each others arms. They believed their sin was too big to be forgiven and decided to end their lives to save their children from the repercussions, little did they know the issue was already solved. The tragic end had us in tears and we could not believe what had just happened. A twist that made our hearts break into a million pieces, the showmakers definitely left the biggest shock for the last!