Tich Button's Ehsaan Hai Tumhara is the Romantic Song of the Year

With uber-moving lyrics, Ehsaan Hai Tumhara is a moving tribute to a lover
Published 23 Oct, 2022 09:08pm

Tich Button's teaser has created all the 'Dhoom' it needed on social media and has warmed up its entry in theaters next month.

The movie has now released a romantic track, sung by the film's hero- Farhan Saeed himself, and the serenading tune is bound to sway you away.

With uber-moving lyrics, Ehsaan Hai Tumhara is a tribute to a lover for spreading joy and glee in one's life.

Listen to the song below

Picturized on Farhan Saeed and Iman Aly, the song features their characters as madly in love and feeling fortunate to have found each other. Enjoying intimate dates on a yacht and candlelight dinners; the stars boast crackling chemistry on screen. Iman Aly specifically looks ravishing in her white and red gowns while Farhan appears all suave beside her.

After 'Ehsaan Hai Tumhara', we are now waiting for Urwa Hocane’s item song who appears all sizzling and saucy, grooving beside Farhan Saeed in the teaser.

Seems like Tich Button will be a dhamakaydaar, masala watch that will drive audiences in hoards toward the cinemas.

Releasing under the banner of ‘ARY Films’, Tich Button is a production of Urwa Hocane and Muhammad Jerjees Seja. It will have its countrywide release on November 11.