Feroze Khan Denies Allegations of Domestic Violence as Backlash Continues

Various Pakistani stars in the entertainment industry have clearly sided with Alizeh
Published 26 Oct, 2022 09:56pm

A furor has erupted in Pakistan’s entertainment industry after severe allegations of domestic violence surfaced against the ace actor, Feroze Khan.

Major evidence submitted by his ex-wife Alizeh Sultan in court went viral, implying that she went through severe abuse from their husband during the course of the marriage.

So much so, medical reports dated back to 2019-2020 reveal that Alizeh underwent ‘Blunt injuries to both arms, back, and chest.

Post the proof that went viral, Feroze Khan faced heat from both fans and the entertainment fraternity. However, he was quick to respond and denied all allegations.

Feroze's co-stars in Habs unite with Alizeh

Ushna Shah was amongst the first to send her wishes to Alizeh

Supporting star of the drama Dania Enwer too issued a statement, calling her experience working with the actor quite ‘unpleasant’


Director of the story, Mussadiq Malek called Feroze Khan ignorant and self-centered in an explosive post.

The backlash continues!

Iqra Aziz has apparently stepped out of a project that had Feroze as a fellow co-star.

Various Pakistani stars in the entertainment industry have clearly sided with Alizeh and condemned all acts of domestic violence.

From Aiman Khan, Armeena Rana Khan, Osman Khalid Butt to Junaid Khan; all were clear in their stance against Feroze Khan.

Feroze Khan and Alizeh Sultan tied the knot in 2018. They pair have two children, Sultan and Fatima. The dup parted ways this year in September.