Pinjra Episode 5 Review: A Hidden Phone, Controlling Mom and a Rebellious Daughter

In this episode, Abeer becomes a problem child for her controlling parents.
Published 03 Nov, 2022 10:54pm

The best thing about Pinjra drama on ARY Digital is that it has a fast-paced plot spreads awareness about the flaws of certain teaching styles in our society.

It highly focuses on Gen Z and how millennials or Generation X need to evolve with time to ensure that their children are being bought up as per the era they need to thrive in.

It has an unconventional cast of Omair Rana as Jawaid, Hadiqa Kiani as Khadija, and Sunita Marshal as Wajiha. There is a band of child stars- including the rising Aashir Wajahat as, Azaan and Aina Asif, Abeer. However, all spotlight is on Ahmed Usman as Abhaan who is different from his siblings and faces the most heat in the family.

Let’s review what happened in the latest episode of the drama and what we are expecting next from the story.

Abeer lands herself in hot water

In the last episode, we saw how Abhaan survived a suicide attempt that resulted from the fear of being sent to a hostel by his father. This week, we see that his elder brother Azaan takes him to a volunteer group with him so that he gets a breath of fresh air. We also see Abhaan’s love for animals and how he wants to open a shelter home for stray dogs.

However, in this episode, Abeer becomes a problem child for her controlling parents. Eventually, her mother finds her hidden smartphone that he had stashed away in a cupboard in her washroom. The incident eventually resulted in her mother beating and cursing her. We can see that the daughter is a rebellious soul and her over-domineering mom is making it worse for her. Khadija hates the way Abeer behaves and used the harshest words possible to admonish her daughter.

In another subplot, we see one more shocking thing. Jawaid’s colleague visits him to take a suggestion. His daughter wants to study ahead and be financially independent. Meanwhile, a proposal from London seems very enticing to the father and he asks Jawaid what he should do. Instantly, Jawaid tells him to marrying her off, dismissing her dream as riff-raff and women empowerment as an idealogy of a bunch of women that are moving away from reality. Surprisingly, his colleague listens to him and decides to wed his daughter despite her wishes.

Seems like Wajiha is also in trouble as her abusive husband seems to be threatening her for money. He has made it clear that he will not divorce her and will even harm his daughter, Dua to achieve his vile motives.

The promo of the next episode shows how Jawaid taunts Wajiha for being a single parent and how Abhaan feels left out again as his older sibling gets into the limelight.

Child stars own the show

While Pinjra has some of the best senior actors in the drama, we are loving the performances of the child stars. Aashir Wajahat is remarkable in his role as the responsible Azaan. He is apt for the role given he is of the recent generation and has a natural style of dialogue delivery.

We also need to applaud Aina Asif’s performance as the mean girl in the story. Her character is haughty and has snobbish behavior. As we said, the controlling parents are making her all the more bitter. Aina portrays it all with aplomb. The scenes where she is rude to Abhaan’s character were portrayed flawlessly and made us worry about Abeer’s attitude towards her younger sibling.

The drama is brimming with lessons for all the viewers, old or young- which is its most significant strength. Let’s see what is next to happen in Pinjra.