Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha: Faha Causes an Uproar at Maheer's Wedding!

As Maheer and Saad's relationship appeared to be strengthening, Faha tries to ruin their valima through an...
Published 12 Mar, 2023 11:42am

As Maheer and Saad's relationship appeared to be strengthening, Faha tries to ruin their valima through an unnecessary speech about Maheer and Areeb still being in touch.

Drama "Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha" examines the complexities of love and relationships. A love triangle between Maheer, Saad, and Areeb is the central theme of the plot. Despite having loved Maheer his entire life, Saad has never told her. When Areeb enters the scene, their lives take a different turn. Who Maheer chooses out of the two men in her life is the focus of the story, starring talented actors Wahaj Ali as Saad, Hania as Maheer, and Zaviyar Noman as Areeb.

A hasty rukhsati happens after Neelo disclosed everything about Maheer's own interest in Areeb. Even on the night of their wedding, Maheer continues to be preoccupied with her feelings. Saad assures her that he will back all of her choices and that he will respect her right to choose how to proceed with their relationship. It appears that this guarantee is effectively pulling Maheer away from her heartbroken thoughts.

Areeb's mother is still adamant that he gets engaged to his cousin, Faha. But it has since come to light that neither Faha nor her mother, are actually well-wishers; rather, they both harbor personal grudges and are intent on seeking payback.

While picking up Faha from the mall, Areeb sees Maheer and Saad there too (it's a very small world after all). Areeb got upset as a result and left, leaving Faha at the mall.

When Areeb does not arrive for the engagement, Faha and Areeb's mother are upset. While the engagement happens without Areeb, Faha was furious because of the shame she was forced to endure. To learn more about Maheer, she enters Areeb's room and searches through his belongings. Unfortunately, she manages to get her hands on their wedding card and snaps a photo of it to get Maheer's address. She also discovered Maheer's photo, which she hurls on the ground in a fit of rage. She also discovered Maheer's photo, which she angrily threw to the floor just as Areeb entered the room. Areeb raises his hand on Faha and nearly hits her because he is furious that she entered his room and looked through his personal things. This fuels Faha's fire of humiliation further, and she is now on a mission to make Maheer's life as miserable as possible.

Maheer and Saad are seen enjoying ice cream like they used to as their relationship slowly advances. Maheer asks Saad to continue being friends with each other as they have always been because she values their friendship greatly.

Saad assures her that he only wants the best for her. We observe a distressed Azhar who appears to be feeling rather unwell as Saad and Maheer's Valima is taking place. Just then Faha enters and starts slandering Maheer in front of everyone. She claims that Maheer and Areeb are still in contact. Azhar collapses after witnessing and hearing everything.

The episode had a bit of an exaggerated feel to it with the reactions. Some scenes made no sense at all, like the fact that Areeb's initially very cool and open-minded mother is now totally a new person forcing her son to get married. Faha's and her mother's overly evil-sounding voices and facial expressions feel like they are trying to hard. Only Wahaj Ali appears to be the drama's savior, which is now being made unnecessarily complex. The fact that Hania is still unable to recognize and comprehend Saad's affection for her is completely absurd, and her grief-stricken and lost-in-thoughts expression is beginning to irritate. We have little faith that the story will get any better, but we still want good things to happen for Saad.

Do you believe Maheer will eventually be able to appreciate what she means to Saad and make an effort to work on their relationship? Let us know in the comments section.