Kuch Ankahi Episode 22: Who Will Alia Choose?

Asfar affirms that Alia was offered a car and a cell phone as a benefit of the job that would have been provided to...
Published 16 Jun, 2023 12:57am

Asfar affirms that Alia was offered a car and a cell phone as a benefit of the job that would have been provided to anyone in her position. Salman's insecurity is becoming more apparent, yet this allows both of them to be a little more expressive.


Tania takes Shakeel to the guard's residence while dressing him up as a police officer. They interogated the guard about what happened with Mona, he responded that he didn't know anything and that the engineer would be after his job if he opens his mouth. They later meet a professor at the university whom they refer to as an engineer for their Taxila documentary, which they intended to present at international film festivals, and went to appeal for money.

The Engineer was appreciative of their work on the documentary, but when he heard the name Mona was mentioned, he became a little perplexed and curious as to whether she was attending university. He declined when Tania asked if he knew Mona, claiming that he had never heard of her. Tania began receiving threatening and abusive calls after she posted on social media about Mona.

Alia and Asfar:

As a benefit of her job, Alia receives a car and phone. When Alia refused to take it, Asfar reassured her that it wasn't some special favor offered to her; anyone in her position would have received it and it had been stipulated in her employment contract.

Agha Ji’s House:

Samia brings gifts for everyone at home. Agha Ji and Shammo were a little relieved to see Samia finally settling down at her house when she told them she also got things for her house when she received her first paycheck. Additionally, she assured them that Zareena's attitude towards her had entirely changed.

Everyone is a little taken aback to find Alia driving a brand-new car when she brings it home. But when she clarified that this is merely a perk of the job and they all seem convinced except Salman.

Agha Ji receives a call threatening to abduct Alia and Tania from an unidentified number. When Agha Ji confronts Tania about it, Salman defends her and asks Agha Ji if they were comfortable with supporting Deepak, how is it possible for Tania to not stand up for what is right just because the opponent is now a little more powerful. He requests that Agha Ji keep supporting his daughters, and he will take care of everything else.

Also, Agha Ji asked Thanvi to track down the phone number that was making the calls. They are reassured by Thanvi that he has identified the phone number and reported it to the police.

Saif and Samia:

Saif is asked by Zareena to take some time off from work so that he is able to take Samia for an outing. When Saif noticed of her changed attitude for Samia, he questions her If Shagufta had been in Samia's place, would she have said the same? He was disciplined by Zareena and told to stop speaking to that vile woman. Saif grinned and said he likes seeing fear on her face. He complains that she has always hit and punished him for the tiniest things since he was a child.

Samia decided to talk to him after becoming a little irate when he did not come to pick her up from her mother's house. She asked for his phone and the fact that why is he so stressed? She asks him, whether it has not gotten a little easier to breathe in this house, can't he see the change in his home and his mother's attitude? Saif, however, argued that he had grown used to of living his old life and would not accept the change.

At this time, Samia loses her patience. She goes to Zareena, who makes an effort to convince her and grants her ownership of her home and the freedom to make any decisions she pleases. Samia has likely had enough by now because she knows that nothing she does will make a difference. She told Zareena that she will finally decide what she wants to do, tomorrow.

Alia and Salman:

Salman feels a little insecure when he learns that Alia has received a brand-new car from her workplace. When he and Alia meet at the rooftop, he shares his concerns that Asfar is going to propose to Alia. Alia, however, made it clear to him that whatever he was thinking was baseless and that he shouldn't worry because she isn't even thinking about it as she already has a lot on her plate.

What We Think?

The biggest question we had about Alia having feelings for Salman was answered in the episode. We love how Salman stood up for Tania as if he were a member of the family, supporting her in her fight for Mona. It appears that Thanvi is finally winning Sofia over, and she may even decide to marry him.

However, Samia's marriage falling apart is quite heartbreaking, especially considering how much she has done to make things right. We wish Saif will realize his mistake and stop Samia from leaving. We adore the conversations between all the characters and how the most serious of subjects are handled in such an enlightening and practical way. We felt Asfar's feelings for Alia as well, which may cause some conflict between him and Salman.

What do you think will happen with Samia, Alia, and Tania? let us know in the comments section.