Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha Episode 28: Saad is Back in Jail

Faha has teamed up with Areeb this time to frame Saad in a false rape attempt case. View...
Published 08 Jul, 2023 04:38pm

Faha has teamed up with Areeb this time to frame Saad in a false rape attempt case.

Despite Maheer gradually coming to terms with her marriage to Saad and discovering a love for him, things don't seem to be going well for the two because Areeb is out to wreck their life. In the previous episode, he begged Faha to support him and proposed her. Faha then went to Saad's office and blckmailed him to meet her in person if he didn't want Maheer's private pictures with Areeb made public. When Saad goes to see her, she makes an effort to appear sympathetic towards him and aware of Areeb's irrational desire to harm Maheer. She gradually persuades him to drinking an intoxicated beverage. Saad passes out after drinking it, and Faha contacts the police to report an attempted rape. She looks distressed when Saad regains consciousness and starts shouting at him, asking, "What have you done?" Saad was arrested as soon as he stood up to leave, and Faha continued to scream and sob in front of the police.

Neelo is making an effort to make up for her rude behavior towards Maheer and her mother at home. While they were conversing, Areeb called Maheer to inform her that Saad had been taken into custody, but he omitted to mention the jail where he had been taken or the charges against him.

Maheer searches every police station for Saad but was unable to locate him. She phones Areeb and tells him that if anything happens to Saad, she'll murder him. Areeb responds by making fun of her utter powerlessness and told her he has nothing to lose. Areeb calls Maheer's mother, she regrets the hardships that her daughter has gone through as a result of her marriage to Saad. Areeb acts as a well-wisher who she can contact for help any time she wants.

Faha hasn't given up on the performance she's put on; in fact, she even plays the victim in front of her mother made her believe what Saad attempted to do.

Maheer ultimately located Saad at one of the jails after searching everywhere for him, but was denied permission to meet him because he had been detained in connection with a rape attempt case, and meeting permission may only be granted if the complainant agrees. Maheer confronts Areeb for being such a jerk after discovering that he was, in fact, responsible for Saad's imprisonment. She reaffirmed to him her hatred for him and threatened to set him and his house on fire if anything were to happen to Saad.

The drama is continuing to go in a hopeless direction. Nothing makes sense at this point . We assumed the worst-case scenario had already occurred in the most previous episode, but the drama still has more absurd events in store. We simply don't understand how Maheer's mother can even believe Areeb when her own daughter, who was once in love with him, now hates him with all her heart. Areeb is the one who is causing all these difficulties, not Saad, and we do not understand how she can talk to him knowing all of this.The point was made, in our opinion, that Areeb's ego had been bruised and that he would do anything to disturb Maheer and Saad's peace now. We believe the point has been made that Areeb's ego is bruised and that he would do anything to jeopardize Maheer and Saad's relationship, so why was another poorly executed episode necessary? This episode sent a message that, if all else fails, women can use the "woman card" to falsely accuse anyone of rape, worsening the situation for real rape victims who no one believes.

We sincerely hope that this drama ends before any more ridiculous ideas are established since we are quite concerned about the path it is taking. What did you think of the most recent episode? Post a comment and let us know.