22 Qadam Episode 19: Another Tough Game For Ragra-11

Fari believes Karyana and Sammy's claims that Liza fixed the matches. But, will Amber and Junaid also believe them?...
Published 25 Oct, 2023 11:24pm

Fari believes Karyana and Sammy's claims that Liza fixed the matches. But, will Amber and Junaid also believe them?

Liza's match-fixing in this match was clearly visible to Naz Karyana, who said that she saw Liza standing indifferent to everything, even while everyone else was unhappy with how the match was unfolding and that the umpire wasn't being fair. Her claim was rejected by Junaid, who said that he had known Liza since they were little and that she was incapable of doing such a thing.

By refusing to give them the wickets that were obviously out, the umpire made their balling an intense struggle. The opposing team persisted in making inane remarks to undermine the team's spirits whenever they could.

Upon observing the umpire's unfair umpiring, Junaid advised Amber to instruct her players to take aim at the umpire in order to at least teach him a lesson. That is just what the team did, aiming their balls left, right, and center at the umpire.

Everyone is shocked and disheartened by the way the match is going and how much harder it is becoming to win before they begin to bat. While Liza and Amber were warming up to bat as the opening pair, Sammy informed Junaid that Naz was correct when he said that Liza had actually rigged the game since she had personally witnessed her speaking with Atif, the captain of the other team.

Junaid made the decision to not let Liza open with Amber after hearing Sammy's evidence. Liza was about to bat when Junaid intervened and requested Khattak to take her place.

Amber and Khattak were batting when the other team pulled out their phones and began to harass them by snapping pictures and recording videos. This truly hurt Khattak, so she returned to the changing room and made the decision not to play since, aside from her spouse, no one in her family knows that she plays cricket. Amber also made the decision to back Khattak as she believes that nobody wanted to play with them since the beginning. The remaining players on the squad also made the decision to sit out.

Fari spoke to the girls when they decided not to play, telling them not to run away like cowards and not to leave the ground. Amber made an effort to explain to her that the girls also had lives outside of the ground. Fari attempted to persuade them that none of them was experiencing this for the first time because life outside the ground is just as filthy and difficult as it is being made here for them. But do they leave their neighborhoods or just stop living, then why are they fleeing from the ground without putting up a fight? Even if they lose, it is not important; at least they should fight, and not back down like cowards. After hearing her motivational speech, all the girls agreed to resume playing.

When it was Sammy's turn to bat, Liza asked Atif to destroy her since she was so mad at the team, especially Sammy. Sammy was unable to perform due to the rival team's persistent taunting. Even when Fari stopped her, Liza went to play as she was the only player who was left and because her name was still on the team's list.

The drama is picking up steam as we witness further issues arise for Fari and her teammates and how Liza, driven by jealousy, is acting irrationally in every match. We hope that Liza recognizes she is going the wrong way and is following in her fraudulent father's footsteps, and that the competition between Fari and Liza does not cause the team to suffer more. As always, Hareem Farooq's performance was spectacular; her stirring speech was the highlight of the show. She was able to display her acting talent and convey a variety of emotions throughout the episode. We adore Fari's ability to constantly consider the brightest scenario, regardless of how awful things turn out. Her positive outlook sustains the team's spirit as well.

Her upbeat attitude also sustains the team spirit for the other members. What do you think—will Liza put further obstacles in the way of Fari and Junaid? Is Ragra-11 going to make it to the finals?

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