Top 10 Pakistani Rising Stars That Impressed Audiences in 2023

The year 2023 has witnessed a spectacular surge of rising stars who have not only captivated audiences but have also...
Published 26 Dec, 2023 11:16am

The year 2023 has witnessed a spectacular surge of rising stars who have not only captivated audiences but have also left an ever-lasting mark on the industry. Among these upcoming actors and actresses are Samar Jafri and Aina Asif who stand out prominently, enchanting viewers with their exceptional performances in the blockbuster drama "Mayri." Khaqan Shahnawaz has also become the popular choice for various side roles and his applause worthy performance in Hadsa had viewers in awe!

However, the constellation of emerging talents doesn't end there, as numerous other stars have graced our TV screens throughout the year, bringing fresh perspectives, versatility, and a new wave of creativity to the world of Pakistani entertainment. As we delve into the contributions of these rising stars, it becomes evident that the future of the industry is not only bright but also brimming with unparalleled talent and promise.

1. Samar Jafri

The uber talented young lad from Mayri created waves with his exceptional performance. Jafri has been seen in various commercials since he was a child but this was his big break where he played the leading role in an eye-opening drama against child-marriage. The audiences loved him as Fakhir and can't wait to see him in upcoming dramas.

2. Aina Asif

Playing Fakhir's better half in Mayri, the bold, confident and resilient Aina won hearts with her spell binding performance as Annie. Working alongside Lollywood veterans like Nauman Ijaz, this young star stole the show with her brilliant acting skills. Aina was also seen as the beloved character in another super-hit drama, Baby Baji.

3. Khaqan Shahnawaz

The hero who has been seen in various tv shows as the supporting lead actor has made quite the impact. His role in Hadsaa left viewers in tears multiple times while his role in College Gate was completely opposite leaving the audience in a fit of laughter. The actor is currently seen in on-going drama Sukoon on ARY.

4. Romaisa Khan

With a feature film under her belt, the 'John' actress, Khan has made a household name for herself with her acting debut on the small screen in ramazan show 'Chand Tara' where she played the younger sister. Later on during the year she was also seen in the crime-thrilling series Hadsa.

5. Shaheera Jalil

The fiery Razia from Express Entertainment's series made a splash with her award-winning performance. Shaheera hails from a non-acting background and has come a long way in showbiz. The actress will now be seen in the upcoming film Nayab alongside Yumna Zaidi.

6. Adnan Raza Mir

Debuting with the very popular series, Fairytale. Adnan as 'Sameer' quickly became a fan favourite. we're excited to see what projects he is seen in next.

7. Wania Nadeem

The young starlet is making waves as Jahan Ara in Khushbu mai Basay Khat.

8. Laiba Khurram

Laiba Khurram, aka Bakhtawar Laiba, made a striking TV debut in "Yunhi" as Husna. Her role evolved from a modest culinary expert to a confident, career-oriented individual, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

9. Zarrar Khan

In "College Gate," Zarrar Khan's portrayal of Wahaj Qureshi stands out, depicting the challenges faced by those pursuing unconventional dreams. Khan's performance marked a stellar start to his promising career.

10. Aena Khan

In her TV debut, Aena Khan charmed as Haya in "Fairytale," radiating positivity with her unwavering support for Umeed.