Episode 29 of 22 Qadam: Fari's Greatest Loss

Fari completely gave up playing cricket following the Azadi Cup victory and all the bad things that followed along...
Published 06 Jan, 2024 08:40am

Fari completely gave up playing cricket following the Azadi Cup victory and all the bad things that followed along with it. Fari's former teammates, however, want to play the match at all costs—Fari playing alongside them—after being given the fantastic opportunity to play with the Pakistan-A team. Still, Fari's resolve to never play cricket again is probably solidified by Amber's return from her abusive husband, Zohaib. Though Amber also now feels that her life would not have been such a mess and she would not have had to flee Germany to escape the abuse that caused her to miscarry her first child if she had not married Zohaib and listened to Fari. Fari is refusing to play again despite Amber's best efforts to persuade her, since she feels that her playing has always resulted in problems and disaster.

Junaid was shocked to hear that Fari had given up her lifetime passion for cricket when Liza informed him about her and how she hadn't played since the day of his accident. It dawned on him that his hostility towards her and his imposing of blame for his accident was purely selfish. He requested to be taken to Fari's house. Fari begged her teammates to simply leave, stating that she would never again play cricket. When Junaid walks in, he asks her who gave her the right to make that decision. Junaid expressed his regret and said that the ones she loved the most and her own family believed that she was to blame for their fate.

Suddenly, Fari's father, who had previously lost his memory of her and was unable to recognize her, called her name. Excited to hear what her father had to say, Fari ran inside. He appeared to be in pain, but his memory was back. He urged his daughter to pursue her goals in life, especially playing cricket, and to never give up. He asked her to go inform her team that she will be playing cricket once more. Glad to be back on the field, Fari went to tell everyone that she would now be playing the match with them.

After everyone had left Fari noticed her father sleeping over his harmonium as she went back to his room. Unaware of the actual situation, Fari joyfully started telling him that she had informed everyone. However, she discovered her father had passed away as she attempted to move him. Fari is in complete shock and isn't eating, crying, or communicating at all.

Everyone has tried to talk to Fari in an attempt to help her get over her shock and start crying for her father, but all she has done is sit in front of her father's wheelchair. Liza urged Junaid to speak with her, but not even his words could ease her.

A furious Zohaib entered the house and began screaming and misbehaving with everyone just as everyone was gathered at their house for the funeral of Fari's father. As he attempted to drag away Amber, he threatened to take her with him. His wife made it clear that she did not want to go with him, so Karyana and Junaid stood in front of him and warned him to leave. But he continued acting inappropriately and attempting to drag Amber along with him.

Amber's mother defended her daughter, telling Zohaib that their father had brought them up like lions and that he could not force her to go with him. Fari held Zohaib's hand just as he was about to strike Amber and Fari's mother, and everyone shoved him outside.

We couldn't help but cry during the episode because of Fari's father's passing and their final talk. The performance that Hareem Farooq has given as Fari is nothing short of extraordinary. She truly deserves an award for the way she has been portraying a devastated and startled Fari—a Fari who has lost all hope and passion—since her father's passing. We adore how she gave us a peek of the joyful, passionate Fari of past and then skillfully changed into a character who was withering and unable to accept the death of her beloved father. It may take Fari a long time to recover from the loss of her biggest supporter and return to normalcy, but we're hoping she can play in this match. Do you believe Fari will be able to move past her sadness in time for the game, or will she once again decide she will never play cricket again? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section.