Parizaad: The Journey from Pauper to Prince

HUM TV’s drama Parizaad has been riding high on praises from viewers with every episode aired, the story keeps...
Published 12 Nov, 2021 11:35am

HUM TV’s drama Parizaad has been riding high on praises from viewers with every episode aired, the story keeps getting better every week and the audiences are loving every bit of it. With new characters entering the leading character Parizaad’s life every now and then we have come across some great developments in the story. The biggest plot twist came this week when the unconventional hero Parizaad (Ahmed Ali Akbar) was named Behroz Karim’s (Nauman Ijaz) heir, this news left viewers in tears - of happiness! Viewers cited this week’s episode as the best as we saw Ahmed Ali Akbar’s Parizaad turn from an ordinary pauper to a mighty prince over the years.

Parizaad’s Ascent to Power

The news of Behroz Karim’s suicide came as a shock to Parizaad and being the extra ordinary selfless person he was, he had already tried to take the fall for him but failed miserably after Karim committed suicide. The news was heart-breaking for him and for the rest of Karim’s close men. Feroze was Behroz Karim’s right hand man and had also been sentenced to death, during the time leading to his court sentence he tried to teach Parizaad all that he needed to know about the Karim’s work. Parizaad was shocked to learn of being named the heir to a ginormous business empire and could not come to terms with it easily. His family except for his sister seem to have abandoned him whilst he was in jail as they believed him to be a criminal. Although Parizaad had not committed any heinous crime, he was still sentenced to a jail time for 5 years. He spent his time behind bars fruitfully, learning as much as he could by reading books that were read by Behroz Karim during his lifetime.

Our hero bids tearful farewells once again!

Parizaad and Feroze’s friendship may not have been one for the books but Parizaad had great respect for Behroz Karim’s right hand man and thought of him as his brother. Feroze (Saad Azher) had been sentenced to death after allegations against him had been proven in court. The two spent a few months together in jail where Feroze taught Parizaad all that he could before his death. Their last meeting before Feroze was headed out for his sentence was emotional leaving Parizaad in tears. Execptional dialogues and acting by Ahmed Ali Akbar and Saad Azher in this scene has our heart!

Another shock came to Parizaad after visiting his closest and only friend in Karachi, ‘Janu’ who apparently never visited him in jail and did not want to keep any connections with him either because of his new lifestyle. Parizaad gifted him a flat and held no grudges towards him, he asked Janu to join him at work but the later refused to do so as he did not want to get involved with him again. This meant Parizaad had now lost the only friend he thought he had and was all alone once again.

Parizaad Becomes a Changed Man!

Parizaad finally attained freedom after five long years and was received by a large group of men from the companies that are now owned by him. We noticed a major shift in Parizaad’s personality now that he is out of the jail. His body language, walking style and the way he now conducts himself was miles apart from what he was before he was arrested. It seems like he moulded himself into his boss Behroz Karim over the years as he studied and gained knowledge as to how he managed his business affairs. After taking over the business he decides a new name for the company, P Z Mir and appoints Feroze’s younger brother as his personal bodyguard as he sees himself in him.

What’s Next for Parizaad?

The promo for the upcoming episode shows Parizaad visiting his home town for the first time after being set free, will his greedy family treat him with kindness now that he is a wealthy man? Watch the upcoming episode to find out!